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    Today is the day. Ron Paul endorsed Andy Sanborn.
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    Update: I was told by 1 of the activists that as far as he knew, a checkpoint didn't happen on July 21st. That's likely because of the July 20th activism. Sometimes, standing up for your rights does work
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    There is still new coverage coming out!

    New Hampshire Passes Jury Nullification Law
    Monday, 02 July 2012 16:26
    Written by Joe Wolverton, II

    Jury Nullification In New Hampshire Becomes Reality
    Michael Suede

    Jury Nullification Law Signed By New Hampshire Governor

    New Hampshire passes jury nullification law

    WAY TO GO NEW HAMPSHIRE!!! Live Free or Die!!!

    New Hampshire moves towards jury nullification right

    NH jury nullification law signed, effective 1/1/13

    New Hampshire Passes Jury Nullification Law

    New Hampshire Adopts Jury Nullification Law

    New Hampshire Adopts Jury Nullification Law good job, New Hampshire

    Jury Nullification Law Signed by New Hampshire Governor

    New Hampshire Adopts Jury Nullification Law

    Daily Paul

    NH passes "Fully Informed Jury" law
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    Additional coverage:
    Positive jury nullification development in New Hampshire

    June 30. 2012 11:49AM NH adopts jury nullification law

    Jury Nullification Law signed by New Hampshire Governor
    June 28, 2012, 11:13:52 am,1463.0.html

    Jury Nullification Law Signed by New Hampshire Governor

    Jury Nullification law signed in New Hampshire

    Jury Nullification Law Signed by New Hampshire Governor
    Wednesday, June 27, 2012

    jury nullification now legal in New Hampshire

    Jury Nullification Law Signed by New Hampshire Governor

    Jury Nullification Law Signed by New Hampshire Governor

    N.H. Allows Jury Nullification
    2012-06-30 8:02am -07:00T

    Jury Nullification Law Signed by New Hampshire Governor

    NH formally legalizes jury nullification

    New Hampshire Adopts Jury Nullification Law

    Episode - June 28th 2012 of Free Talk Live

    The Free State Of New Hampshire Is Now A Fully Informed Jury State!

    You lose some, you win some (2)

    Thursday Links
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    Even more coverage:

    New Hampshire Adopts Jury Nullification Law
    J.D. Tuccille | June 29, 2012

    Here is Drudge Report coverage of the Reason coverage.
    Saturday, June 30, 2012
    N.H. Allows Jury Nullification

    Jury Nullification in New Hampshire
    By Henry Neufeld

    Threads from Henry's Web: Jury Nullification in New Hampshire
    Latest from the MethoBlogoSphere
    by Henry Neufeld
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    Additional press coverage today!

    The Agitator
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    Respect38, it is interesting that people respond much more to Ron Paul's message in the North than other places. Near the Mexican Border and Gulf Coast, Ron Paul had the least amount of support, by far.

    The Midwest, where IN is was about average by region at 15%. That is better than what Ron Paul did as a state average, which is 11%. For the record, if you look at IN by itself, the number is 16%, which is about the same as the Midwest.

    The 2008 LP for President totals aren't useful. For example, while 1.1% is over twice as high as the US average of 0.4%, the numbers are so small that they are mostly meaningless unless they make the difference b/t the Republican nominee and the Democratic nominee.

    I explained in detail how I came up with the numbers and the graph on the Forum.

    Long story short, I averaged the percentage of the Republican Primary/Caucus vote in the states of a region. For example, Northern New England is made up of VT (26%), NH (23%) and ME (36%) for an average of 28%.

    An alternative way to do this (that I didn't use) would be to weigh the states of a region based on the percentage of the population in a region they make up. It would just make the leading region, Northern New England, look even that much better compared to the other regions. In Northern New England, the number would go from 28% to 29%.
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    So focused on the north is weird...

    plus, Indiana being so low surprises me... they were the state that voted most Libertarian in the 2008 race. How are we measuring this, exactly?
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    4/14/12 update:

    Please vote for all of the folks listed on the blog post if you haven't. Please spread the word. Let's reward the elected politicians that lent their name and time to help Ron Paul

    Do you approve of X?

    New Hampshire State Senator Andy Sanborn

    Maine State Representative Larry Dunphy

    Idaho State Senator Shirley McKague

    Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson

    South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis

    Minnesota State Representative Jim Abeler

    Washington State Representative Cary Condotta

    North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones

    Vermont State Representative Tom Burditt
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    You might want to also vote for the man, himself.
    Texas Ron Paul
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    Washington 3/3/12 0.2%
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    Arizona 2/28/12 0.6%
    Wyoming 2/29/12 0.08%
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    Perhaps I wasn't as clear as I could have been. More people voted for Ron Paul than Newt Gingrich on 2/28/12. Therefore, Paul beat Gingrich on 2/28/12.
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    Michigan 2/28/12 1.2%
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    It was great seeing the Manchester Chair of the Ron Paul campaign on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano talking about this. The Judge and the Manchester Chair, Rep. DeJong, both give Free State Project activists partial credit for Ron Paul's success in New Hampshire.

    Editor's Picks
    Live Free or Die in New Hampshire?
    Jan 9, 2012
    New Hampshire Ward 2 Republican legislator Cameron DeJong explains why he moved to New Hampshire to join the Free State Project to help liberty candidates get elected.
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    Percentage of total state population voting for Ron Paul, ranked highest to lowest:
    9. Maine before, on and after 2/11/12 0.2%

    Percentage of total state population voting for Ron Paul, listed in chronological order:
    Maine 0.2%

    Percentage of total state population voting for Ron Paul, listed by how easy it is to vote in state caucus:
    Minnesota everyone allowed to vote 0.3%
    Maine GOP and Unenrolled (independents) allowed to vote 0.2%*
    Iowa GOP allowed to vote 0.9%
    Nevada GOP allowed to vote 0.2%
    Colorado GOP allowed to vote 0.2%
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    This is a special. It was held in the New Hampshire Senate. The Senate finally voted for the bill 15 - 9 this year. It now has to go back to the New Hampshire House (because the Senate slightly amended it.) It already passed the NH House and has the support of the Speaker of the House. I contacted a person with the Ron Paul campaign that is a State Rep. in New Hampshire to check the progress of the bill in the New Hampshire House. The government changed the hyperlink because it is now a 2012 bill.

    Passed House voice vote
    This bill states that in all criminal proceedings the court shall instruct the jury of its right to judge the facts and the application of the law in relationship to the facts in controversy. The court is also required to permit the defendant or counsel for the defendant to explain this right to the jury.
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    The final 2011 veto override session for the New Hampshire House happened on January 4th 2012, just before the start of the 2012 NH House session. 2 of the 3 bills voted passed and became law. The NH House voted 255 to 112 to override the governor's veto of HB542. Surprisingly, the NH House also voted to override SB57, by one vote, 248 to 123. On April 27th 2011, the NH House only originally voted for the bill by a 181 to 170 margin. Several Republicans changed their vote on SB57, as did several Manchester Democrats.

    I was sent a link to the list of 2011 accomplishments written by Rep. Laura Jones and Rep. Kyle Jones. It included several bills that I didn't originally list in the 2011 New Hampshire Liberty Related Bills Report. I included 2 of the bills, HB570 and HB635, in the Report.

    Scroll below to see just the newly added bills to the list.

    Newly added bills:
    Passed with Gov. Lynch’s signature
    The bill exempts persons licensed as operators of for-hire vessels for recreational fishing in coastal and estuarine waters from requirements from licensure as a guide.

    Passed without Gov. Lynch’s signature
    This bill requires the governor to develop a plan for consolidating certain agency functions.

    Bills that were recently overridden:
    Veto overridden
    This bill requires school districts to adopt a policy allowing an exception to specific course material based on a parent’s or legal guardian’s determination that the material is objectionable.

    Veto overridden
    I. Increases the maximum percentage of interest allowed to be charged by title loan lenders annually.
    II. Reduces the number of additional pay periods for which a lender may allow a title loan to be renewed.
    III. Requires a borrower whose title loan has been renewed to pay at least 10 percent of the loan’s original principal balance at the time of renewal.
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    You may be correct. However, according to this source , "Washington County is set to vote this coming weekend but officials have told the press that turnout there has never topped 120 participants."
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    That's comparing apples to oranges, the temperament of America is moving towards Ron Paul's thinking and he would fair much better than the 2008 results. He has consistently gained over his 2008 marks in all Primaries and Caucuses thus far. Besides, I have found out that precincts in other counties besides Washington didn't get their votes counted either.

    Results of the 2008 Maine Caucus

    100% of precincts reporting
    Candidate votes Percentage Delegates
    Mitt Romney 2,837 51.67% 20
    John McCain 1,176 21.42% 0
    Ron Paul 1,002 18.25% 1
    Mike Huckabee 318 5.79% 0
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