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  1. Legislative pay cut? Impossible you say? Think again! CA, IL, NH

    Legislative pay cut, impossible you say, think again

    Could this be the start of a strange but wonderful trend? Congressman vote themselves pay raises all of the time. It is considered standard operating procedure. The same thing happens in most state legislatures. However, 3 states are trending in the other direction. New Hampshire, Illinois and California actually cut legislative ...

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  2. The 2011/12 session is over, how pro-liberty are the NH state Senators?

    I would love for people to do this for all 50 states. So far, it has only been done for 1 state, NH

    Senators ranked in order of how pro-liberty they are:
    1. James Forsythe (R District 4 Strafford) (Endorsed Ron Paul) A+
    2. Raymond White (R District 9 Bedford) (Endorsed Ron Paul) A
    3. Fenton Groen (R District 6 Rochester) A-
    3. Andy Sanborn (R District 7 Henniker) (Endorsed Ron Paul) A-
    5. Tom DeBlois (R District 18 Manchester) B+
    5. Chuck Morse ...
  3. US and State Legislator Endorsements of Ron Paul

    Chart showing the relative strength of the endorsements of Ron Paul by US and state legislators.

    Ron Paul's 2012 Support by Elected Legislators

    Red 36 points (NH)
    Orange 7-10 points (ME, SC)
    Orange 4-6 points (ID, IA, KY, NC)
    Yellow 3 points (IL, WA, RI, MI, MN)
    Light Green 2 points (NJ, SD, VT)
    Green 1 point (OK, PA, WY, LA, MO)
    White 0 points (MA, CT, NY, DE, MD, ...

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  4. What New Hampshire did to stop ObamaCare

    What New Hampshire did to stop ObamaCare

    Calendar of ObamaCare related events in New Hampshire; what New Hampshire did to stop ObamaCare.

    The calendar of events is after the jump but here is a quick summary. Over the 2011-2012 legislative session, 10 bills designed to limit or stop ObamaCare were debated in NH. 5 of the bills passed. NH rejected the United States Department of Health and Human Services grants for researching and creating an ObamaCare related exchange ...
  5. Percentage of Total State Population Voting for Ron Paul Compared

    Percentage of total state population voting for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary or Caucus, ranked highest to lowest by color:
    Red 5% to 3% (NH)
    Orange 2.9% to 2% (VT MT)
    Yellow 1.9% to 1% (SC WI IN VA MI NC OH NE)
    Light Green 0.9% to 0.5% (OR IA PA SC TN OK AR TX IL WV AL FL GA AZ MA KY ID MO NM)
    Green less than 0.5% (ND AK MS CA MD UT DE RI NJ MN LA NV CT WA CO ME HI NY KS WY)

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