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  1. - how to vote in New Hampshire on September 11th

    For Immediate Release

    Liberty Ballot recommends Andy Sanborn, Joseph Kenney, and Jane Cormier in the Republican Primary

    Liberty Ballot recommends Senator Andy Sanborn for Congress. This is the third election cycle in a row that Liberty Ballot has recommended Andy Sanborn based primarily on his pro-liberty voting record. Andy Sanborn has consistently received "A" ratings ...
  2. NH Republican Party most excited about cannabis, Constitional Carry, and deregulation

    What is the state Republican Party where you live most excited about accomplishing in 2017? In New Hampshire, Party leadership is excited about the most pro-liberty Constitutional Carry law in the nation, expanding medical cannabis, decriminalizing cannabis, eliminating regulations, stopping tax increases, and cutting taxes, among other things. Most of these things sound pretty good. Glad to see leadership jumped on board the Republican liberty train.

    This was the center piece of ...
  3. The minimum wage was abolished in NH but is still increasing this year in 20 states

    Minimum wage abolished in New Hampshire but increasing in 20 other states

    While people are still talking about the landmark 2011 bill that abolished the New Hampshire state general minimum wage, 20 states will increase the government mandated minimum wage in 2018. 80% of New Hampshire Senators voted for HB133. New Hampshire is 1 of only 6 states without a general ...
  4. Defying Jeff Sessions, New Hampshire GOP-led House Votes to Legalize Cannabis

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    Defying Jeff Sessions, the New Hampshire Republican-led tri-partisan House of Representatives voted today to legalize cannabis.

    The New Hampshire House is well known and respected in cannabis reform circles as being the first state legislative body in the nation to vote to legalize cannabis. The brave January 15, 2014 vote inspired and motivated
  5. CryptoKnights Unite in New Hampshire

    CryptoKnights Unite in New Hampshire

    This past Friday, it was hard not to feel like a superhero on a quest to free the world. On December 1, 2017, the Free State Blockchain Digital Assets Conference (FSBDAC) took place in downtown Portsmouth, NH. While the conference name is a mouthful that probably needs fixing for 2018–I’m partial to BlockchainNH–I was impressed.

    This exclusive conference brought together
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