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  1. Ron/Rand Paul's driver is running for senate - please help

    Bob Goodman was Ron Paul's New Hampshire driver in 2012. Bob Goodman was Rand Paul's driver in 2016. He gives thanks to Rand for his support. Bob only has 8 days until the primary election so this is urgent! Bob wants to thank everyone for their support. Bob also ask that people spread the word!

    Here is an appeal, a letter, from Rand Paul about this campaign. Please read it and donate to Bob if you have just a few dollars or more to spare. ...
  2. Rand Paul campaigning for Romney or himself in New Hampshire? [Video]

    40 minutes C-SPAN video of New Hampshire liberty candidates and Rand Paul speaking at the University of New Hampshire on October 18th. Notice how there is little mention of Mitt Romney. Most of the video is a New Hampshire liberty pow wow, Rand Paul telling stories and Rand Paul saying bad things about Obama.

    At 1:20 in the video, a liberty state rep (Republican Adam Schroadter, Rockingham 17 (Newfields, Newmarket) ...
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  3. US and State Legislator Endorsements of Ron Paul

    Chart showing the relative strength of the endorsements of Ron Paul by US and state legislators.

    Ron Paul's 2012 Support by Elected Legislators

    Red 36 points (NH)
    Orange 7-10 points (ME, SC)
    Orange 4-6 points (ID, IA, KY, NC)
    Yellow 3 points (IL, WA, RI, MI, MN)
    Light Green 2 points (NJ, SD, VT)
    Green 1 point (OK, PA, WY, LA, MO)
    White 0 points (MA, CT, NY, DE, MD, ...

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