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    The US debt clock is a ticking time bomb. If you watch too long it makes your eyes go wacky and your stomach lurch. Indeed, the rapidly increasing totals on the US debt clock is a proof that the government is having a hard time getting a grasp of the budget. Many money experts are wondering if how long the US debt clock can keep from exploding especially if the cost of borrowed funds starts to aggrandize because even payday loans are not enough to repay the huge amount.

    Indeed, the debt clock is a concern of every citizen. Now, what must be done? The government needs to act quickly to correct this financial situation and the citizens must partake in every endeavor of the State. I know that this is not an easy task but I believe that if support is given to the government then economic recovery will be close at hand.
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    can someone help me get the youtube video to embed please and thank you!/sc
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