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  1. Kotin's Avatar
    That is awesome!! Makes our front page look even cooler.

    Keep em coming!!
  2. awake's Avatar
    No, my toons are not published in any news paper. I hope to illustrate some important ideas in the Toons for Liberty format that other cartoonists (mostly leftist) ignore or get horribly distorted. I think there is finally room for a liberty minded editorial cartoon out there, hope I can reach a few people by doing it.
    Updated 12-16-2010 at 06:12 AM by awake
  3. jmdrake's Avatar
    Great drawing. A picture truly says 1,000 words. Do you publish any of your work in newspapers? (And would the average newspaper reader get the point? )
  4. Travlyr's Avatar
    Another winner!
  5. Natalie's Avatar
    Some people have all the talent :P
  6. eOs's Avatar
    nice drawing