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    Yea it is a bribe can't disagree with you there. It proves we are all whores. How does one declare themselves to be a high dollar whore anyway?
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    Thanks Brian. I posted it here: [url][/url]

    I just started that site...need to get all the graphic work done and a lot more written, but I'm glad I now have one more article to post!
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    Thanks Eduardo. Feel free to re-publish.
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    Great blog post.

    I was wondering if you'd mind if i posted it to my website? Obviously I'll credit you and link back here ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by randolphfuller
    When it was $875 an oz in 1980, was that a bubble?
    Yes, I would call that specific peak a speculative bubble.
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    When it was $875 an oz in 1980, was that a bubble?
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    Tweeted at [url][/url]