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  1. Which of the two candidates to vote for?

    Once again 4 years pass and we are left with a choice between two candidates to choose from for president.

    While we all may have our reasons to vote one way or another, I hope that everyone will keep an open mind and look at the positions and principles of the two men who have campaigned hard for president. Your vote is an important one and should not be taken lightly.

    So I will break down the two choices in a non-biased way, noting that at this point even I do not know ...
  2. PolitiLeaks...the new site for Leaked info on politicians.

    A new site has come about, riding the wave of the WikiLeaks phenomenon and going into the 2012 election season. PolitiLeaks ( will be the hub for gathering information on all politicians moving forward, whether revealed by staffers or concerned citizens.

    The site is set up in the wiki format where regular users can add their content and inform us of what these politicians are up to behind the scenes.

    During the 2008 season there were some revelations from ...