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    Am I Welcome Here?
    Far as I'm concerned you are.

    I've got Mick, Limey, Kraut and Frog roots in my pedigree....

    Doesn't make one of us better than the other it just makes us who we are.
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    Hm. Well. Being multilingual myself, I often listen to conversations whenever they're being had in my immediate vicinity. It's interesting, for sure. I never say anything or acknowledge that I understand what they are saying. Is kind of a mixed bag.

    I'll have to read your blog a little more thoroughly, though. I was just kind of surprised to see you posting again, and, so, i just skimmed over it. I see that Casey popped in the other day as well.

    Anyhow. Welcome back.
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    Good to see you, Melissa.

    I thank God for the chain of events that led you to be born in this nation. And will at least until I give up on this nation, assuming that ever happens. It's a better place as a result.
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    Well said. I generally don't read blogs, but this one resonated. The whole notion of the tree of liberty rotting and withering was the reason I changed my avatar quite a while ago.
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    I just wanted to say I appreciate your presence in the chat room. You are always giving good responses.
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    We need a spark. I think the only thing that could really spark this movement right now is a win in PA. I say Pennsylvania because it is the soonest and the most possible of the April 24th states.
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    Thank you for this post.
    I feel somewhat the same(and I am relatively new here). It is not meaningless thread that bother me it is that they are mixed with activist threads and activist threads get lost and buried in irrelevant stuff.
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