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    Edit: Too late to edit, but I left out house insurance, and property taxes. House insurance is ~$550/yr, $600/yr car insurance, property taxes $2400/yr. TANF for three (or one pregnant), however, is a bit over $200/month, so $2400/yr in additional revenues, $3550/yr in annual expenses not factored in.
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    $425'd be ~$60-80k 30-yr mortgage, which's a fairly large home if you aren't in the city, but I get your point.

    And yeah, I lol'd the when I first realized how much we spend on alcohol -- and we buy the cheapest of the cheap stuff :x
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    Interesting read as always kuldgedog. But $425/month mortgage? Are you going to take a mortgage on 400 sq foot 1 room apt in the hood? I spend about $30,000 a year by myself. Id much prefer keeping this standard of living than drastically scaling back my life and going on welfare. I guess I'm more of an objectivist about these things. I'm looking for the way to maximize my own personal comfort and enjoyment, regardless of if that means I contribute money to a government that hurts people.

    also lmao at spending more on alcohol than food.

    PS Foodbanks often serve the mentally ill and drug addicts. The Mentally ill probably lack a permanent address which makes getting your checks rather difficult. And drug addicts might be on welfare, but spend their whole check on drugs and are left with no money for food.
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    If your theory is right, then nobody has to vote, participate in activism, educate, etc. The government would just collapse upon itself like the Roman Empire. Seems like it has historical precedent, so you may well be right. But at the present time, it would be preferable to maintain distance from the regime while it is destroying itself.