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  1. Police militarization reform bills advance in New Hampshire and Montana

    Police militarization reform bills advance in New Hampshire and Montana
    February 19, 2015

    Concord, New Hampshire

    On February 18th New Hampshire Rep. Hoell’s HB 407 and Montana Rep. Schwaderer’s HB 330 advanced, both passing state legislative chambers as amended. HB

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  2. The Ultimate Guide to Mainstream Media: American TV Networks

  3. "five year problem"

    Quote Originally Posted by enhanced_deficit View Post
    No biggie, it is just a "five year problem" being create by neocons.

    Sort of like "ten year problem" that was created in Afghanistan in 70s that unfortunately ended up being 40 year problem and counting.

    Bad news for modern women of Syria though and all the population.

    Photo Essay: Crash course on origins of Al Qaeda

    Afghanistan in 1970s before the US intervention with Israeli help:

  4. CISPA Returns YET AGAIN (114th Congress)

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffro97 View Post

    That's right, ladies and gentlemen. The 114th Congress has managed to begin beating this dead horse (or is at least trying to) with the hopes of passing it.

    Article from BenSwann:
  5. Vaccines and Ron Paul Forums

    If you are a young mother, you need to know, right now, that the advice that DonnaY gives is just horrible. She did not graduate from high school, and considers herself a researcher because she watches YouTube videos and reads conspiracy things. She posts these things because she apparently has a deep seated need to feel smarter than the rest of the world...painting herself as some wise sage in a world gone mad. In fact, she is delisional and dangerous.

    The articles that she posts ...
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