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  1. IQ Ratings Are Fake Science

    First, here though are a few sources demonstrating how racist arguments based on IQ are stupid.

    Second, anyone who seriously believes in "IQ" ratings has already proven themselves so ignorant they probably shouldn't be commenting on anything.

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  2. Poll: Should US apologize for financing radicalization of Afghan children in 1970s-80s?

  3. Helloo

  4. We MUST keep an eye on this group.

    Quote Originally Posted by ronpaul1 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by happyphilter View Post
    I'm being protective of US. We exposed them, have all their personal information, and people have gone as far as contacting their employers. What more do you want done? Anything else doesn't look good for us and is a waste of time.
    Thats a matter of opinion. Some people feel blowback should be a little more than a 5 minute rant on a forum. In my opinion, the objective should be to send a clear warning, in a stern but polite manner, not to do it again. Not everyone likes to lay down
  5. To anyone who's interested or enjoyed my posts -- I've put together my own site.

    I haven't been here on RPF in the forums or blogging, here, for quite a while, now. As it stands, I've moved my primary blogging space to its own site, at a place I call 'A Sisyphean Revolt', where I talk about politics, economics, philosophy, culture, and entertainment. My internet 'nym can be found under 'Steve Lolyouwish' at my blog and elsewhere on the 'net (Google Plus, Reddit, Twitter, etc).

    If you're at all interested to catch up on my posts, you can find them at ...
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