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  1. Canadian Parlament under attack

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.3D View Post
    Wait a minute. I thought Canada was a gun free zone.
    It is, and shall be forevermore. This is just another conspiracy theory by conspiracy nuts intended to foment dissatisfaction with Government Almighty (ALL HAIL!). Any photos were Photoshopped. Any video was CGI'd. It's all a plot to discredit Government Almighty (ALL HAIL!), whose Perfect Beneficence, Perfect Knowledge, and Infinitely Perfect Skill have lead Canada to a state of Perfect Existence wherein Happiness, Joy, and ...
  2. Leon Panetta Says Brace For 30 Year War With ISIS

    Quote Originally Posted by DFF View Post
    The US doesn't have the money to fight [a war] for 30 [more] years.
    They don't need money if they have slave labor.

    Think about that awhile. Think about how China got to where it now sits. Now think about the habits of tyrants, the proclivities they display, especially when things get "tight". Money is not an issue. The ability and the will to enslave to whatever degree may be required by a given goal under a set of circumstances, however, eminently is. ...
  3. how to install linux tips

    Quote Originally Posted by fisharmor View Post

    HB, you're splashing around in a pretty big ocean.
    Every year or so I go to this site and burn 5 or 6 distros from this page. It's usually necessary, because the likelihood that ANY operating system is going to load perfectly on any and all hardware is exactly zero. E.g., I just downgraded a Win8 machine to Win7, and remembered that I have never, not once, had Windows automatically connect to the internet after I loaded it.
    I've also burned discs of
  4. Police Abuse

    Quote Originally Posted by Anti Federalist View Post
    By request.

    A running compilation of the human victims of police abuse: a place for the Patricia Cooks, Nick Christies, Oscar Grants and Kelly Thomases.
  5. Tyranny Is The Very Foundation Of Empire.

    America was founded on the Empire model, meaning that slavery of one form or another is an inherent feature for all, including the masters, for they also live in cages, the presence of gilding making it no less a prison than the dank and dark cell. The architecture of the mindset that lead to the design of this land as a nation-state was inescapably Empire in its corner stones. How else could it have been? The men who designed the United States were marinaded in Empire, just as are we, for it ...
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