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01-24-2008, 01:19 PM
Hoping they won't ask about the newsletters. If so, RP needs to give a strong answer in how he did not write these missives and give examples off how they go against his values AND then ask the moderator why he does not ask Huckabee about his state ethics violations and pardoning of murderers, Giuliani about backing a criminal in Kerick for homeland security while using state funds to guard a mistress while married, Romney for his flip-flopping on abortion, gun control and everything else, and McCain for the un-American and anti-First Amendment McCain-Feingold bill, calling for amnesty and not intially supporting Bush tax cuts - plus his initial miscalculation on how Iraq would be a cake walk when he now keeps saying he was right that we needed more troops and he was right on the surge. Somebody better get McCain on that because he as gotten too much of a free ride on being "right" about the surge - which has not accomplished half its goals - including the main one of getting a unified government. RP needs to explain he did not write them, give examples of how they go against his values, and then say: "Your asking me about things I did not not write and do not believe in, but why don't you ask the others about things they actually DID do, such as....."

The way to answer, IMO, is a quick but STRONG statement against the newsletters, then to his personal values, and then play the one being bulllied and deflect to the shortcomings of others. That is the political way to do it and that is what works - you leave those watching thinking about the shortcomings of others with your last words - but we all know RP does not play politics.

If asked, I just hope he is really prepared because he should be by now. I'm sure he won't deflect to others, but if this question comes up it had better be a good answer because he has had a lot of time to prepare. Otherwise, a poor answer to this question could really do him in. Maybe if he won't deflect to other candidates he can deflect tp the MLK money bomb, but he has to deflect to something.

This is how NBC will seek to marginalize RP if they choose to do so - especially if they make it his first question.

Gadsden Flag
01-24-2008, 01:22 PM
Well, I don't think they will bring it up.

But RP should be ready with a solid and convincing answer if it does. Don't get caught off guard.

Paulitical Correctness
01-24-2008, 01:31 PM
There's no doubt in my mind that they will bring it up.

Gadsden Flag
01-24-2008, 01:42 PM
By the way, I have not yet actually read in depth all of these newsletters. Nor have I read in depth the 'debunking' of the newsletters.

I did find out that the guy who appeared on Tucker's show was from Obama's campaign. I read an excerpt from one of the newsletters, and it whlie it was kind of mean, it wasn't nearly as horrible as the guy made it sound. There was some pretty extreme paraphrasing going on on that Tucker interview.

01-24-2008, 01:42 PM
i hope they do... so Ron Paul can mention that he will pardon all non-violent drug criminals!

01-24-2008, 01:43 PM
Who knows. You'd think the topic would be past its expiration date by now.

01-24-2008, 01:43 PM
i hope they do... so Ron Paul can mention that he will pardon all non-violent drug criminals!

Republicans don't want to hear that!

01-24-2008, 01:46 PM
Of course, they want to keep him off the issues and make him spend all of his time in the debate defending himself, it's the same thing Fox attempted (and to an extent succeeded in doing).

01-24-2008, 02:01 PM
truthers, newsletters, electability

01-24-2008, 02:07 PM
For about a third of the debate, the candidates will ask each other questions. Wonder if another candidate would dare bring it up.

Also, my title is wrong as it is the MSnbc debate.

01-24-2008, 02:10 PM
I think McCain will do it but not a moderator.

01-24-2008, 02:16 PM
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win

I look forward to it. We need to get to step 3 in order to get to step 4

01-24-2008, 02:19 PM
truthers, newsletters, electability

Truthers: RP doesn't endorse his supporters beliefs they support his.

Newsletters: The status quo system is racist as opposed to a libertarian philosophy of individual liberty.

Electability: No pro-war republican candidate can beat a democrat if 70% of the people want the 'war' to end.

01-24-2008, 02:20 PM
They won't ask about it.

They story has been dead for weeks now, short of a random blurb on a MSM site. If Fox didn't, I doubt NBC will.

The Technical
01-24-2008, 02:49 PM
I have a feeling that either McCain or Giuliani is going to bring it up.

01-24-2008, 03:08 PM
You bet it will be brought up. I hope he's prepared and doesn't stumble over the answer like he sometimes does w/some of his answers. Keep your fingers crossed.

01-24-2008, 03:24 PM
I have a feeling that either McCain or Giuliani is going to bring it up.

I don't think a candidate will ask it b/c it will give RP a chance to retort questioning their shortcomings, but who knows. If it is asked, I see it coming from a moderator, and I will go nuts if it is the first question like Fox made the first question in the last debate a Truther question (IIRC).

01-24-2008, 03:50 PM
Of course they will bring it up. RP just needs to get in and out of the answer as fast as possible. But the good news (if Lew Rockwell site has the correct info) is that the source of the leak was Bob (?) White who has a vendetta against RP. Apparently Mr White is some major racist, which only makes it look good that RP would have him as an enemy.

01-24-2008, 04:38 PM
I think McCain will do it but not a moderator.

He doesn't really want to do that. He wouldn't want his Burkas comment to be brought up, or his "I'll always hate the gooks" comment.

With the state of this country right now, bringing up an issue that's really only relevent to Paul is irresponsible. The questions asked need to be general questions that would equally pertain to each candidate.

01-24-2008, 04:40 PM
I bet they will, and I be the good Dr. wont let us down with his response ;)

01-24-2008, 05:21 PM
i hope they do... so Ron Paul can mention that he will pardon all non-violent drug criminals!

He's already said that. He should hold off on that kind of talk.

Tonight, he has to capture the old folks vote, and that would be a big negative for older voters.