View Full Version : Meetup Groups - [B]Get Your Own Ron Paul Blimp![B]

01-24-2008, 11:32 AM
No candidate has ever had a blimp. Any neither have the supporters. Well, now you can. Fly it at events, get-togethers, neighborhoods, businesses, whatever--up to 200 feet in the air!

We found a Ron Paul loving company willing to give up to 26% off the regular price of the blimps. They are sacrificing their profits to help you get the word out.

An average Meetup Group has 100 people. If everyone just pitches in $10-20 you can get a massive mini-blimp that really has an impact for RP.

Go to: http://www.myronpaulblimp.com

Get together with your local supporters on this so you can share the cost. But get one soon because we don't have much time left.