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01-24-2008, 10:25 AM
Has anyone considered coordinating a fundraising competition with the MeetUp groups and HQ?

ie, the meetup group to raise the most donations on a single day will recieve a visit from Dr. Paul... 100k+ members @ $100 per person = $10 million

I realize Dr. Paul has held the fundraising at arm's length and boasted that he (or the campaign) has had nothing to do with it... but, in light of recent fundraising and the need for a unifying voice under which EVERYONE will be drawn and excited, give us an incentive.

Give us a challenge as well as a reward for our efforts.


Found the old competition...

It was spread out August 18th through the 31st prior to the concept of single day money bombs and their potential.

The rewards were:

TWO (2) GRAND PRIZES: A visit from Ron to your area! Ron will visit your city, meet privately with your Meetup group members, and then speak at a public rally organized by your group.

The grand prizes will be awarded to the following groups:

The Meetup group that raises the most money in aggregate, and

The Meetup group that raises the largest average amount of money per Meetup member, as of today, August 14th 2007. Note: To qualify for this prize, MeetUp groups must raise a minimum of $11,500, or the equivalent of five (5) $2,300 donations.

TWO (2) FIRST PLACE PRIZES: A private conference call between Ron and your group, and autographed pictures and books for your MeetUp members.

The first place prizes will be awarded to the Meetup groups that finish as the runner up in the two above categories.

NOTE: The Ron Paul 2008 campaign reserves the right to award additional prizes, at our discretion.

They have the infrastructure and rewards currently in place from the last MeetUp competition.

I would re-release the competition with an official campaign email and website update. It believe it would spread like wildfire and help to unify the grassroots and HQ in a single coordinated effort- something that is needed to pull off the $$ needed for Super Tuesday.

-Email sent to HQ-