View Full Version : Looking for precinct leaders in Syracuse Area!

01-24-2008, 09:41 AM
We're still needing many more precinct leaders in Syracuse, Onondaga county. Anyone on this forum that can help out writing and mailing out letters please contact me or join our meetup (http://ronpaul.meetup.com/210/).

We had an excellent meetup yesterday with about 10 people attending and we addressed about 2,000 letters. We just got in 15,000 new slim-jims (old stock depleted.) We recruited 2 more new precinct leaders, one of which is in my congressional district so now its the 2 of us covering 20 precincts (12,000 voters.) There are over 200,000 in the entire county and about 400 precincts. So we still have our work cut out, but WE WILL COVER EVERY SINGLE VOTER ON OUR LIST AND RP WILL WIN in this county, guaranteed!!!!

Due to lack of hands, I'm only hand writing my own precinct and will print labels for the remaining 18 ones. We stuff them with various slimjims and a nice letter. A lot of these are my own neighbors so this is very local and personal.

These efforts are absolutely essential to get the voters out, without this, RP stands no chance. You must sign up and dedicate the time and effort to get the word out to these local voters.

I want to bring your attention to a special person, David Gay, Sr. who is our coordinator and the machine behind our meetup. He's #1 precinct recruiter right now (107 official, close to 200 unofficial recruits) in the entire US of A for RP. He is all in!!! No if's, but's or may be's.

YouTube coming shortly.

Everyone sign up for a pricinct leader, its not hard. Once you start writing those letters you realize how fun it is and how important it is. If 2 of us can cover 12,000 voters in 20 precincts, you can certainly cover 1 precinct by yourself.