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01-24-2008, 05:08 AM
New thread - new area.

Let's get this thing going.

THIS IS FOR VIDEO ADS INSIDE THE BUSES ONLY! If you want "outside ON the bus" ads... we'll work on that as well, but they are different advertising companies - and would probably be best suited in a different thread.

I started taking public transportation about a month ago, and the buses all have TVs in them... showing news, and ads.

The company that does the broadcasting on these TV's is a national company...

They don't allow political Ads in LA, but they do in Chicago and Milwaukee.

LA's out, so I'm out, but the information is available.

An hour is 8 spots - 30 seconds each (longer times are available - if we want longer ones they're available, but I didn't get a price.)

For Chicago - it's $40 per hour, minimum purchase is a "block" of 8 hours - so $320 to advertise to 63,000 people - a TV ad with picture and audio - to an audience that CANNOT change the channel - and has nowhere to go. (I.e. no snack breaks... no bathrooms during the commercials...)
Two options - watch the TV and listen to what its saying...
Or listen to it and start out the window.

For Milwaukee it's $50 per hour...
Minimum purchase of 8 hours (8 times per hour, 8 hours = 64, 30 second ads) = $400 for 73,000 riders.

Here's the email I got back.
We'd need a 30 second video - or if we raise more funds, longer and we'll need to discuss the costs...

And I need people in Milwaukee and Chicago.

They only need 3 days before the ads run - we can get them in before the primaries!

Below is the actual email I got back.

Feel free to contact me if you can/will organize this - with a chip-in or whatever.

I'll get you Tom's information (the sales guy at TransitTV).

These things are CHEAP and should be really targeted - people using public transportation will be hit by this economic crisis the hardest.

Easy pickings.
Get on it!

866-701-7714 (Temp not working - but you can leave a voice message. Please leave an email address - I need to get my phone fixed >_<)

Pricing for the criteria you have outlined is as follows:

Chicago PACE Transit system, (all Chicago suburbs):

$40 per spot. Spots are purchased in 8 hour blocks. Blocks are available either 6am-2pm or 2pm-10pm. Eight spots per hour...One block is $320.00 and delivers 63,000 transit riders per block


$50 per spot. Spots are bought in 8 hour blocks. Same block times as above. One block is $400.00 and delivers 73,000 riders per.

Our advertisers are strongly encouraged to buy an equal number of morning/afternoon blocke to insure maximum impression count.

This quote is for 30 second spot. Additional length is available. We require a 3-day window prior to air for tapes and traffic and cash in advance (of course).

Let me know what else I can do to help. Tom

01-24-2008, 10:41 PM

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