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01-24-2008, 03:46 AM
A few tips for organizing your walking list

1) Grouping Streets and Sides of Streets

To make walking with the campaign's list easier (and less prone to marking
the wrong line), you may wish to advice your precinct leaders to download
the excel spread sheet and add a couple of columns

1) Odd/Even Column (Column R)-
Cell R2: =IF(OR(RIGHT(C2,1)="0",RIGHT(C2,1)="2",RIGHT(C2,1)="4",RIGHT(C2,1)="6",RIGHT(C2,1)="8"),"E","O")

2) Concatenate Column (Column S) -
Cell S2: =CONCATENATE(E2," ",G2," ",D2;" ",F2," ",R2," ",C2)

Drag these values down the page

Highlight A2 through S(Whatever last row is) and sort by Column S. This
will group the streets by their name (no mixing of North and South and no
mixing of Drive, Court, Parkway, etc) as well as group the odd and even
houses, since they will most likely be walking up one side of the street and
down the other

2) Remove Likely Apartment Complexes
Your Milage May Vary...
Because those living in apartment complexes tend to be transient, the data is likely stale for the residents of these. To remove them from your list add another column "T":

T2: =COUNTIF($S$2:$S$10000,S2)

Drag down the page
Highlight Column T choose from the menu bar "Data->Auto Filter"

Filter the list by values greater than 8. If it's greater than 8 it is almost guaranteed to be an apartment complex in which case even if they still do live there (transient), you likely don't have the apartment number to correspond to the person. Delete those rows, save a tree.

Figure out a better way of targeting people in an apartment complex, preferably before voter registration ends so that they can be sure they are registered in that precinct (or willing to drive to the precinct they are currently registered in if that one is more to our strategic advantage and within the law).

Please post your own tips and tricks