View Full Version : Someone create this Election computer game and it will go viral!!!!!!

Red Dingo
01-23-2008, 10:52 PM
I can't, but I've got an idea for a very primitive election game. We will not call it a Ron Paul game as it is a game for all candidates.

One at a time, each candidate will be sitting on this chair in a open cage, precariously hovering above a big bucket/tube/pool of water.

The game goes like this. You are asked a true or false question e.g. McCain is for the war in Iraq and supports going into Iran. If you choose true, then the McCain character fulls down into the water with a big splash and you get a point. If you choose false, he doesn't fall down and you don't get a point.
After each decision, something comes up with a quote of McCain saying he would.

Have a few of these. e.g. McCain wants to turn all illegals back over the Mexican border and then protect the border: You answer true, then McCain does not get dunked and do not get a point. If you answered false, McCain gets dunked and then you get a point. Then something comes up saying McCain wants Amnesty and open borders and would like an alliance with Canada, Mexico and U.S.

People could help out with the questions. We can make it show Ron Paul to be good - but not OVERTLY. We would want it to be played by people of all camps and parties.

This is a really really good internet game to help make people from other candidates who use the internet, what the people they support really stand for e..g thinking Juilaini or MCcain are against the war or are pro-life???? sheesh.