View Full Version : I need to find out how many delegates we get in my precinct.

01-23-2008, 06:32 PM
Here is the deal. I have about 10 to 15 people in my precinct that will come vote for Ron Paul. If I understand right we must vote for each other as delagates. Also I have 3 other precinct leaders at nearby precincts I would like to give them the info they need to win. This is the first time for us to vote in the primary election. I live in Minnesota. My feeling is that we can win if we understand how this stuff works. My frend from another precinct has been telling his supporters that they just have to show up and vote for him so he will be a delagate. He has no plan for the other delagates. We need to do something to get a clear understanding. I personaly know 50 people in my community that will vote for Ron Paul and not one of them know how this works.

01-24-2008, 12:00 AM
How many delegates your precinct is awarded depends on the size and number of voters in your precinct. Contact your local elections official or local Republican Party -- they will be able to tell you how many your precinct will be awarded. If your precinct has a precinct committee officer (for the Republican Party), he/she will automatically advance to be a delegate, so if your precinct only gets one, he/she will be it. You can still compete to become an alternate. If your precinct gets more than one delegate or does NOT have a precinct committee officer, you will get to elect those delegates. The advice I have received from my state coordinator is to identify and vote ONLY for Ron Paul supporters. If your precinct is allowed 8 delegates but you only have 6 Ron Paul supporters, vote for the 6 people you know are Ron Paul supporters and do not vote for the remaining delegates.

01-24-2008, 12:04 AM
fatdumb: Call the state campaign HQ and talk to Marianne or Bill, they can give you some good info about how the caucus process works.. Also, if you want to find out how many delegates your precinct gets, you can contact the local bpou chair and they should be able to tell you.. I believe it's determined with some formula based on the number of people in your precinct that voted for Pawlenty in the last election, but don't know the details... If/when you talk to a bpou person, don't mention anything about formulas or even that you're a RP supporter. Just tell them it's your first time attending, and you've been reading about the caucus process online and were curious how many delegates your precinct gets -- or something to that effect. If you DO find out, pass that along to Marianne at the state HQ, I know she was looking for that info this past weekend.

go here: http://www.mngop.com/pf
punch in your info to pull up your precinct, and then I think if you click on the bpou link it'll give you info about the committee members

Incidentally.. what precinct are you in? I'm in Hugo W-1 P-1... :)