View Full Version : Freedom Engineering: An Online Anarcho-Capitalist Adventure Series

Ben Woods
01-23-2008, 02:48 AM
So I was writing this story, and just when I get it good enough to share... along comes Ron Paul and makes it possible for liberty to return via the ballot box... my literary solution was to have him eliminated so that tyranny could continue, much hardship could spread across the land, and my characters could bring freedom about by building it in men, one at a time...

'Freedom Engineering ~ An Online Anarcho-Capitalist Adventure Series' is a fictional account of the Freedom Engineers, Scouts, Strugglers, Sovereigns, and the Knights of the Individual Defense Force, in the year 2016 and beyond. Join our hero, Tad Galahad, and his unruly gang, on their romp through one possible future, and assist them in their quest to construct a free civilization for humans on earth, then to the stars...

visit: www.freedom-engineering.com

It's free to read and it does not suck that bad:)

P.S. Sorry I had to write Ron Paul out in the first page like that. I truly love the guy, and I hope he wins!

In Liberty,

Ben Woods