View Full Version : Some helpful emails we can send?

01-23-2008, 02:37 AM
I was thinking about the events today, and what we could do to gain media exposure to Christians.

First of all, as someone kept pointing out on the campaign website - I think emailing or calling the National Right to Life Comittee and asking for their recommendation for Ron Paul is a good idea. Every little bit helps - point out what Dr. Paul has done in this fight, Norma McCorvey's recommendation, etc. NRLC@nrlc.org or call (202) 626-8800. Of course, be polite in this.

The second thing I thought would be good... I've seen The World Over on EWTN interview quite a few people. I don't know if it is limited only to Catholics, but I would love to see Ron Paul on with Raymond Arroyo! So again, politely explaining Ron Paul's record and credentials, I think it wouldn't be out of order to request that. worldover@ewtn.com