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01-23-2008, 02:17 AM
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My name is Crystal Broyles and I am a 22 year-old diehard Ron Paul for President supporter. I know I am not alone Ė look at the vast following of Dr. Paul supporters which can be found all over the internet. However, I am concerned; why does he have such a large following but voting results are not reflecting what we know to be true? For some reason there is a disconnect between supporters and voters.

Super Tuesday we have a unique opportunity. With 24 states voting, if we properly get Dr. Paulís name out, we can (I believe) win half the nation. This would be a monumental victory for us, the American people.

To accomplish this, we must win our precincts and individual states for Dr. Paul. Since he is not getting the media coverage he deserves, even though people like him, they do not take him seriously. For some reason people think if the candidate is not getting a lot of media coverage, there is no electability of the candidate. On February 5th letís prove this to be wrong.

Since the media will not allow us to reach people from their TV sets, letís reach them from their driveways and front steps. We all have been working very hard canvassing neighborhoods with literature about Dr. Paul. And that is fabulous. The information we were handing out however, did not have printed information about when to go and vote and the information was limited. People were encouraged to go to RonPaul2008.com and read more about him. However, in the day and age we live in, time is limited and when we are looking for information we want it now, we donít want to have to read something in our hands and then go to our computers and do more research.

I have taken all the information about where Dr. Paul stands on issues from RonPaul2008.com and laid it out into a newspaper format. If we can get these on most of the driveways in the 24 states which vote on the 5th we can win. The Ďnewspaperí boldly tells people to vote on Tuesday, February 5th and then it outlines who Dr. Paul is, where he stands on issues and also features some articles he has written and the article written by Mrs. Paul about ĎThe American Dreamí.

I have a printer on standby in Cullman, Alabama. I have lived in North Alabama for about eight years and my parents have owned a small historical publishing company since 2001. As a result, we have used a lot of printers (all over the country) and have found Alabama Web Press to be very efficient and affordable. I have called them, they are on standby and can print 100,000 copies for $6,000. And of course, each 100,000 after that will be less than $6k Ė the higher the volume the larger the printing discount.

Letís locally raise the funds to have this publication printed for distribution in our areas. Distribution will be easy; you have already been working your neighborhoods, now all you will need to do is drive through these neighborhoods the weekend before the vote tossing a paper per driveway. And donít get hung up on how you are going to get the papers from Cullman Alabama. That is a minor detail that can be worked out later, now we need to raise funds.

Dr. Paulís campaign has, for the most part been a grass roots effort campaign, so shouldnít this 11th Hour effort too be grass roots? This is our nation! Itís time we take it back!

Please let the Ron Paul supporters in your area know that they can send their donations to you; ask them to make their checks out to Alabama Web Press. Then send in donations no later than Friday. If you mail out on Friday, please overnight the shipment. We must ensure the publication is printed and ready for weekend distribution.

When collecting donations in your area, remember every dollar helps. Also, if you are not in a Super Tuesday state Ė thatís ok, your state can still raise money!

Crystal Broyles
Attn: Ron Paul Newspaper
1812 CR 111
Killen, Alabama 35645

If you can jump on board, please send an email letting me know you are working.

If you have questions, I will be hosting a conference call tomorrow, January 23rd, @ 7PM Central time. The dial-in information is:
(616) 712-8000
Access Code - 1089019#

Together, We Can!

With Excellence,
Crystal V Broyles

01-27-2008, 02:05 PM
check this forum for discussion about a nation wide version