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01-22-2008, 10:17 PM
As the Ron Paul Blimp project completes its objectives, I would suggest a new grassroots effort be made by Liberty Political Advertizing to seriously consider sponsoring a Ron Paul television ad. An initial study should be started immediately to determine cost.

There are many popular YouTube ads and short movies which could be re-cut to an appropriate time format and televised nationally. Those that had donated would receive immediate satisfaction by watching it on their own television. This would drive new and ongoing financial support of the grassroots Ron Paul TV ad project as word gets out.

The YouTube Ron Paul ads are very unconventional and would generate media attention and possible replay on mainstream news programs. This will also directly address the main complaint of Ron Paul supporters that his message is not getting the proper media coverage. Due to the lack of mainstream media coverage of Dr. Paul, his supports will be driven and highly motivated to donate to this grassroots project.

This new project in sponsoring YouTube driven Ron Paul television ads provides a natural progression from the ongoing blimp project. It also enables supporters to directly affect Dr. Paul’s exposure on mainstream television. Ron Paul has great exposure on the internet. But most Americans, undecided voters, spend much more time watching television. Most voters go with the popular candidate as seen on television. Sad but true.

The only way to confront the biased mainstream media blackout is to hit it head on with user sponsored ads for Dr. Paul. Liberty Political Advertising is perfectly positioned to take on this new and exciting grassroots campaign.

As a first step, one television market would be evaluated for cost and an ad be chosen. Once this is done, it would be a simple matter to utilize the current blimp web page to present this new direction in sponsorship of an ad to be televised.

If potential donations match the goal, purchased per second of advertizing time, then the project can go forward and the first grassroots Ron Paul campaign ad can be aired. This will be another fist in political campaign history. Upon this success, a national Ron Paul ad could be presented.

Below is only one ad which could be re-cut and aired for this new project.


Please feel free to comment on this suggestion!




01-22-2008, 11:25 PM
They can't even get enough money to fund the blimp, how are they going to fund anything else? :confused: Not trying to be rude but I don't get it.

01-23-2008, 12:41 AM
This is a great opportunity to continue our grassroots support for Dr. Paul. It’s a natural progression to expand all our efforts in getting Dr. Paul elected. I’m suggesting a “head on” approach to counter the blackout of mainstream media with our own support of a TV ad campaign by Liberty Political Advertising. They have already established the necessary management, legal team, and website to make this happen!

The blimp has been a very successful “intermediate tool” to get media exposure for Dr. Paul and his views. I’m suggesting a more direct route to the undecided voters which spend more of their time watching television then on the Internet. Why not go directly to these viewers of the mainstream media ourselves?

Most people wake up, spend all day at work, and come home to watch hours and hours of television. I believe Liberty Political Advertising now has the management team, legal experts, and website to make a grassroots YouTube Ron Paul TV ad campaign possible! Need I say that the YouTube Ron Paul ads are very unconventional and will generate great media interest. A YouTube logo will be displayed at the end of the video which will offset the cost of the grassroots Ron Paul TV ad expense itself!

The necessary groundwork has already been done by the Liberty Political Advertising team. At some point, the blimp project will come to an end. Before this happens, a transition needs to be made to continue and expand our grassroots effort! It's time to step up and go coast to coast national with the Ron Paul message!

I think we are ready to sponsor our own YouTube Ron Paul TV ad! There are plenty of YouTube videos to choose from. It’s time these videos which have inspired all of us on the Internet to be viewed on national television! Remember that a half a million dollars had been raised for the blimp project, so the airing of a YouTube Ron Paul TV ad is very easy to do! Which YouTube video would you suggest! Please post your choice to be considered. There are many to choose from.




01-23-2008, 10:59 PM
I see on the Blimp page a plan for a Super Bowl TV commercial:


Good idea... let's see how it fleshes out.