View Full Version : How to win TN from Fred (and now Huck)

Matt Collins
01-22-2008, 08:26 PM
Without Fred Ė how to now win Tennessee:

Everyone had assumed Fred would win his home state of Tennessee. Since Fred has dropped out Tennessee is up for grabs.


- Huckabee is Ron Paulís biggest threat in Tennessee because he is a Baptist minister. However many conservatives in the State will be voting on the illegal immigration issue and are strongly against Huckabee because of his record on the issue.

- McCain is our second biggest threat, however many Republicans consider him liberal due to his stances on illegal immigration and his voting record

- Romney most likely wonít do well in Tennessee

- Rudy wonít do well in Tennessee

Many of our non-advocacy phone calls have yielded the fact that most of those voters who were not supporting Fred are still undecided.

Since Ron Paul is now the ONLY REPUBLICAN with offices in Tennessee (Nashville (HQ), Memphis, Cleveland and Tullahoma), and is the ONLY REPUBLICAN actively campaigning in the State, Tennessee is ours for the taking.

This is not to mention that the primary is open so that we can pull from the independent/Democrat voting bloc, and the delegate system is NOT winner take all. Ron Paul has the most delegates on the ballot. DELEGATES CAN BE WON IN TN!!!

We need to run radio spots on conservative talk radio stations ASAP in order to absorb all of Fredís former supporters before they decide to vote for Huck or McCain. If we want to win Tennessee, then we need to target advertising to the voters in the State.

Running TV ads on selected TV stations would be also beneficial.

WTN is the largest and most listened to conservative talk station in the Middle Tennessee area. WLAC carries Rush and Hannity. 94 The Fish is a local Christian for-profit powerhouse.

Radio spots on WTN are $112 (1-8pm), $86 (5a-1p)
WLAC: $30 at peak (mid-day) $20 for morning drive, and $20 for afternoon drive
94.1 The Fish: $45 is the most expensive, $35 is medium, and $15 is least expensive
(all spots are 30 seconds)

I also have the rate card for Comcast for advertising on cable channels if anyone wants that.

I have contact for each and every station mentioned above collecting dust. I also have information for media outlets in other parts of the state.

PLEASE don't let TN go to waste because the State is low hanging fruit for winning over conservatives and getting more RP delegates to the convention.