View Full Version : April 13th We Can and We WILL raise $10 Million

Dave Pedersen
01-21-2008, 10:41 PM
That day my friends is the birthday of non other than Thomas Jefferson. Of all the people who participated in the founding of our Republic Thomas Jefferson was the man who contributed the most direction and inspiration. Just as Ron Paul inspires us and directs the course of freedom in our day, it is by the example of Thomas Jefferson that we all can find our way forward to the realization of the ideals expressed in the constitution.

Let's make it the biggest baddest money bomb of all...

For those who insist we should have no more money bombs I say if you don't want to participate then don't. Spare us your nay saying and remain silent if you cannot lend us your encouragement and support.

To those who say April is too late I say it won't be too late once it arrives. We will be glad we prepared and so will Doctor Paul. Let's plan ahead and do this right and show everyone in the United States of America the revolution has not waned but grows ever stronger.

We can raise $10 million dollars on Jefferson's birthday and we WILL.