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01-21-2008, 04:52 PM
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Citizens of America you are the customer. You decide!

Do you think it is appropriate to write letters such as


Dear Chevrolet People,
I write this letter to you about your advertisement on the New York Time web site. Here to be more precise: http://politics.nytimes.com/election-guide/2008/results/index.html
I saw your add on that main page displaying results of primaries. This is all good until you realize that you are actually supporting a fascist newspaper. In my dictionary my definition of fascism is suppression of opposition through censorship. The New York Times deliberately deletes Ron Paul results on the main page, while Ron Paul is ahead of Thompson and Guiliani in terms of votes. The NYT obviously think manipulation is ok. Apparently some people up there are afraid that the People of America might hear Ron Paul's message.
I think supporting such actions is very bad for you image, especially taking into account the huge grassroots effort made by Ron Paul supporters. For the record I'm driving a Chevrolet. And it now feels strange.

Charles-Philip Bentley. A honest citizen.

I wrote this letter through this form

01-21-2008, 05:13 PM
Besides the misuse of the word "fascism" and the grammatical errors, I really like it.

01-22-2008, 05:29 PM
Ron Paul himself reported on the issue of "soft fascism".

Fascism is the suppression of opposition through censorship.

can't find it now but it was on NBC.

sorry for the errors... didn't put enough time on that...
on the positive side, it will just show I'm not a bot but someone who fast touch type a message out of frustration