View Full Version : It a good day for freedom!!

01-21-2008, 03:46 PM
Fellow Revolutionaries,

Today is great day! Already we have raised over a million dollars in the fight for freedom. This despite the MSM blackout… Imagine the support we would enjoy if we had even half of the coverage of the fringe candidate Rudy Guiliani. The past few weeks have been hard on the revolution… after a disappointing show in New Hampshire and the New Republic article it seemed as if the movement was loosing some steam. But today we have proven otherwise. The Revolution Continues…

Remember this is bigger than any one election or any one person… We have already blow away expectations. Remember back in October… nobody would have predicted that we would beat the “national front runner” in four of five states or out raised every single republican. We still have every opportunity to win… The GOP is in chaos and all the other candidates (except maybe Mitt) are broke. We have a lot to be happy about today.

We have already won and they know it. But even if we fail to capture the nomination the Revolution will continue… We have a very good shot of taking the whole prize and an excellent shot of taking our delegates to a brokered convention. We have the power to deny the GOP any hope of the White House come next year… this is why they fear us. The only thing the neo cons fear is loosing power and we can make sure it happens!

Via la revolution