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01-21-2008, 11:27 AM
Do you want Ron Paul to win? Do you really? How bad? To all you Paulites in states that vote on February 5th, the challenge is put upon us to win this election for Ron Paul. And WE CAN DO IT! IT IS SIMPLE.

I challenge each of you to do a lit drop to every house in your precinct. Can you hit 1000 or more houses? It only takes a few hours. Whether you knock on doors is up to you. Please report in this thread how many houses you have hit and what state you are in.

I will keep note the current leader in this post and also the tallies by state. May the best win. And hopefully it spurs Ron Paul to victory.

Report and be counted!

STATES reported (so far):
Missouri: 120 houses hit
Georgia: 110 houses hit

01-21-2008, 11:29 AM
So far I have hit 120 houses. I am planning on hitting 1000 more this weekend. I'll be damned if another candidate wins my precinct! Will you win it for your precinct?

Here is what I am leaving at every house (unformatted):

Dear neighbor,

I wanted to let you know what a unique opportunity we have as Missourians. With 22 states voting on February 5th, Missouri will be taking part in the single biggest day for deciding who our next Presidential candidates will be. And for the first time in many years, a man of principle is running for the highest office in the land – Ron Paul.

Ron Paul isn’t your typical Presidential candidate. While other candidates talk sound bites, Ron Paul talks sound policy. He has a principled, consistent voting record that is not dictated by special interests in Washington, DC. Lobbyists don’t bother to visit him in Congress. Why? Because he never supports any bill that violates the Constitution and never gives handouts to their bosses, no matter who they are. Many promise in the election season; Ron Paul has always delivered. He has stood resolute against our government’s interference overseas, in the economy, and in our personal lives. He is the champion of the Constitution.

The other side of this page lists what a Ron Paul presidency will give you. I want to stress that no other candidate is offering these solutions or has these qualifications. So if you agree and want it to happen, Ron Paul is the only choice.

Please thoughtfully consider this message and join us – thousands already have throughout this nation and around the world. As a matter of fact, more military men and women serving overseas have donated to this campaign than any other. Don’t believe the cynical lie that we can’t fight the big money that funds politics as usual. People of every age, race, and background – united by a message of freedom, peace, and prosperity – stand poised to take this country back.

Ron Paul has just finished 2nd in the Nevada primaries and is projected to finish first in OUR state. He has raised more money than any other Republican candidate in the 4th quarter and is well positioned for a victorious February 5th to win the nomination. All it takes is your vote.

If you would like to vote for Ron Paul, please email me at _____________. I can answer any concerns or questions you may have.

To learn more about Ron Paul, please visit his website at www.RonPaul2008.com or call 1-877-Ron-Paul. Also www.RonPaulLibrary.org is a great site to read all his speeches and writings on every issue.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


xxxxx xxxx
xxxxxxxx, MO xxxxx
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

And this is what is on the backside (unformatted)


RON PAUL IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE with a flawless 20 year Congressional record of never voting to raise your taxes, never voting for an unbalanced budget, never voting for a personal pay raise, never pandering to lobbyists, and never voting against 2nd Amendment gun rights.

RON PAUL IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE that introduced legislation allowing for full $ for $ tax credits on all your medical expenses and proposed bills repealing taxes on your tips, your inheritance, and your social security earnings.

RON PAUL IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE that is a Medical Doctor with direct experience in the healthcare industry to understand how to fix it.

RON PAUL IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE that will address the immigration issue by reducing the incentives to come here illegally by denying amnesty, denying taxpayer-funded benefits, and by ending birthright citizenship for illegal aliens.

RON PAUL IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE that will end the wasteful giving away of billions of your tax dollars to other countries when we have needs here.

RON PAUL IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE that will stay focused on hunting down the specific groups and individuals responsible for terrorist attacks instead of being distracted with costly nation building and policing of the world.

RON PAUL IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE with a sensible foreign policy that will save the taxpayer nearly a Trillion dollars a year by bringing our troops home from the 700 bases scattered across 130 countries around the world.

RON PAUL IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE with a plan to fund Social Security with the reduced overseas spending. Other candidates’ solutions are to raise taxes, lower benefits, or increase the age of eligibility. Those are not solutions; those are betrayals.

RON PAUL IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE that is dedicated to reducing the scope of the Federal government and returning responsibilities like Education back to the parents, the local communities, and the states. Most problems are better addressed at lower levels rather than going through layers and layers of Federal bureaucracy.

RON PAUL IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE that will phase out the Income Tax and will replace it with nothing. The Income Tax currently represents only 1/3 of the Federal government’s revenue – so it is possible. Imagine the boost to our economy and your pocket book!!!

Please vote Ron Paul for President in the Feb 5th Republican Primary.

Macon, GA
01-21-2008, 11:31 AM
I have already mailed out 60 personal letters with slim jims. Two friends are helping by mailing out 50 more. My children and I are hole punching and rubberbanding slimjims for remaining mailboxes....

We are down in GA....

01-21-2008, 01:08 PM
C'mon....there's over 2,000 people on these forums right now. Are you saying you've done nothing? Are you not from one of the 22 upcoming states to vote on February 5th? Please report. I think it may benefit others to see how much everyone is doing -- a ripple effect if you will.

(Or is my thread really that lame):(