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01-21-2008, 09:49 AM
~I posted this in Grassroots Central originally to try to show everyone (lovers/haters) how the blimp is doing. I figured I should throw a copy in here to make sure all blimp followers see it.~

The Ron Paul Blimp cannot be censored (and it's very cool)!! That is why the blimp can generate press that cannot be generated through more traditional routes. The media in the markets we enter know that everyone in their city will see the blimp and that they will receive numerous phone calls about our presence from people on the ground. So, they figure they might as well get a piece of the action and cover us.

Yesterday we were reminded again that reporters who love the blimp also effect our chances of coverage. For example, yesterday we were live on MSNBC at 4:30pm because David Shuster of MSNBC loves the blimp and wanted to work us into his busy schedule.

Below please find *NEW* Ron Paul Blimp television coverage from yesterday, 1/18/08 the day before the South Carolina Primary.

National News- Filmed in Columbia, SC--MSNBC/Live with David Schuster, South Carolina Statehouse

Columbia, SC--WIS-TV/NBC-Channel 10 (Aired during the 7:00pm news on 1/18) This one shows the Ron Paul Billboard too!!

This one is also from 1/18 and is not specifically blimp coverage but the blimp begins the story and supports the premise that Ron Paul has passionate support in the interview.

National News-Filmed in Columbia, SC--CNN

Even though there was fog our pilots remained on standby for hours waiting for the weather to improve and when it did they went straight to Columbia, SC where the blimp flew over tons of people, politicians and news crews for 1 1/2 hours.

!!FOUND!!More footage from Myrtle Beach, SC:

Filmed-Myrtle Beach at the debate aired in Columbia, SC--WIS-TV/NBC-Channel 10

In the last 8 days we have received the following attention/coverage on tv news:

Here is the coverage that we found online footage of.

Savannah, GA--WTOC 11

Myrtle Beach, SC--Media General News Service

Charleston, SC[/B]--Live 5 News

Greenville, SC--WYFF 4
http://www.wyff4.com/video/15071916/index.html (In the browse section to the right click on "Look, Up in the The Sky, It's Ron Paul's Blimp")

Here is the coverage that we received reports about supporters seeing but could not find online...if you have any of it YouTubed or online let us know.

Myrtle Beach, SC---WFXB/WBTW They sent a joint cameraman and reporter up with us the afternoon of the debate in Myrtle Beach and we heard that we made the evening news there (if anyone has this footage it would be great)
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Myrtle Beach, SC[/B]--ABC WPDE 15
They sent a crew up in the blimp with us and filmed on the afternoon of the Myrtle Beach debate. We heard that we made the evening news there as well. In addition they have a follow up article (http://wpde.com/news/news_story.aspx?id=85069) about a game called "White House Joust" that the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce developed which "game involves maneuvering your favorite candidate's blimp to ram into the blimps of other contenders"

Charleston, SC--ABC News 4
They filmed the blimp from the ground on 1/12/08 and featured us on the 11pm news that night (multiple supporters in South Carolina reported seeing this newscast). We received a call the next morning, Sunday the 13th from a reporter saying that they wanted to do a follow up story for the 6pm news. They came out to the blimp and filmed and supporters report our being on the 6pm news on the 13th in Charleston, SC.

This television coverage does not begin to represent the coverage we have received as we have also been featured in
newspapers, magazines and journals in our flight path, throughout the United States and the world.

We have been getting amazing coverage now that the Primaries have begun and are so pleased that the primaries are coming south (to better blimp weather). Now that the Ron Paul Blimp is covering primary states it is really hitting its stride. We plan to go to Florida for 10 days after the we finish in South Carolina with the primary on the 19th. Please help us meet our $100,000 goal by tomorrow so that we can be assured of enough flight time to hit Florida before its primary.


We at the Ron Paul Blimp have all been busy, a good thing but it means that it's hard to take out time to keep everyone on the forums up to date. I think everyone in the Grassroots should be encouraged to see how much attention this initiative is getting. I know that I love seeing and hearing Ron Paul's name in the news.

For more information see our current calculated total media value: http://www.ronpaulblimp.com/MediaReportReference.php

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