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01-20-2008, 11:54 PM
Look at these inspirational pieces first:

I cannot tell you how much I wish I could walk up behind him, when he's asked "Are you electable", or "Are you a Republican", or "Are you running for the wrong party", and quietly put my hand on his shoulder, and let him know "I'm here with you Ron". You are NOT doing this ALONE anymore. We have AWAKEN.

I feel like I owe this man SO much, I don't know if I can ever repay him.
For YEARS he has put up with this abuse.

So I ask you this.....

Even if you believe (or don't believe) that the HQ isn't capable of handling this thing in the conventional manner, and hasn't spent the money on these slick Campaign Managers, do we NOT OWE IT TO HIM for all he has done for us over his lifetime??

So...what the fuck are you saying BLS?

Get him his $23 Million. It's not about Paul....it's NEVER been about Ron Paul.
It's about what he needs to stand up and FIGHT for us.

What does it require? EVERYONE to donate their max.
Fine....whatever....I know times are tough.

I also know I just spent $400 on a stereo and speakers for my car.
And as I'm sitting there, i'm thinking...."I'm willing to spend $400 for a stereo for my car, but can't seem to find a way inside to donate money to a man who fights for me everyday; and this man doesn't even know me."

Let's get Ron the money he needs....

The money he needs to STAND UP to these SON OF A BITCHES.
The money he needs to keep the good fight up.

The money he needs to spread to ALL Americans.....that feeling.

That feeling that when you FINALLY understand what he's saying, and that he's true, honest and trustworthy, you also found a way to cure your apathy.

Let's spread that feeling to every American.

sign up.....

Stop fighting inside yourself on whether you should get involved any further.
Just do it.

I am asking EVERY single member here to beg, borrow or loan yourself all the money you need to max out to this campaign.

You can give $2300 legally (Thanks to John McCain).

Find a way to do it.

Look at your son. Look at your daughter.
Maybe look at your Dad or your Mom, and ask yourself:

Am I OK watching my neocon Dad spend his retirement poor, because our Government does not care?

Am I OK leaving my kids a debt SO insurmountable that I know they will live in a possible life-long recession or even depression?

do whatever it takes.

Inside, you will find that you agree with me completely.
Take that energy. INVEST IT in Freedom.

I will have to borrow about $400 to max out.
I'm a very fisfcally conservative person.....but this time...I don't care.




No one can tell you how much to donate, but know this.. This is the best chance for you to give it your all. There will be no point after this where donating will give us as much return as it will right now.

01-20-2008, 11:58 PM
Bump.. Sorry i just want people to see this before they donate :)

01-21-2008, 12:00 AM
Thank you very much for your donation of $500.00 to the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Your donation will allow us to expand and grow our campaign.

We depend on donors like you to help us spread the message of freedom, peace and prosperity through Ron Paulís candidacy.

Thanks for being a part of the campaign!

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You are awesome, thank you!!!