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01-20-2008, 06:31 PM
The hour of great trial was approaching. Again and again, as will
appear later on, Washington himself felt keenly the character of the
position in which he found his discouraged and depleted forces and in
letter after letter he freely expressed his concern. The bards lent
encouragement in the newspapers and broadsides of the day. Witness
one of their numerous effusions appropriately entitled, "On
Independence," and issued little over a month after the Declaration:

Come all you brave soldiers, both valiant and free,
It's for Independence we all now agree,
Let us gird on our swords, and prepare to defend
Our liberty, property, ourselves and our friends.

In a cause that's so righteous, come let us agree,
And from hostile invaders set America free;
The cause is so glorious we need not to fear
But from merciless tyrants we'll set ourselves clear.

Heaven's blessing attending us, no tyrant shall say
That Americans e'er to such monsters gave way;
But, righting, we'll die in America's cause,
Before we'll submit to tyrannical laws.

George the Third, of Great Britain, no more shall he reign,
With unlimited sway o'er these free states again;
Lord North, nor old Bute, nor none of their clan,
Shall ever be honor'd by an American.

May heaven's blessing descend on our United States,
And grant that the union may never abate;
May love, peace and harmony ever be found
For to go hand in hand America round.