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Bradley in DC
07-29-2007, 07:46 AM

John McCain in Manchester, Waiting For His Bus to Come In

By Sridhar Pappu
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, July 29, 2007; Page D01

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Sickly. Weak. Feeble. Pick your choice.

Any one of those words could be used to describe the campaign aura that's surrounded John McCain over the past couple of months. The one-time front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination has disappointing poll numbers and deathly results from the second quarter of fundraising. His failed effort to push through a comprehensive immigration bill has alienated him from many conservative Republican voters. The Supreme Court has smacked around his campaign finance reform. Out of luck and money, he's a man looking for love. . .

"I slept like a baby," he says of the time after his crushing loss in the 2000 South Carolina primary. "Sleep two hours, get up and cry. Sleep two hours, get up and cry." Laughter. . .