View Full Version : TV Ad with Space Aliens Shouting "Ron Paul!?"

01-19-2008, 12:33 PM
Traditional commercials generally don't capture couch potato's attention. What we need is one with a clever gimmick, combined with the ability to gain name recognition and make people believe he can win. My suggestion:

30 second commercial:

Seconds 1-2: Show someone with a blank stare on their face watching TV.
Seconds 3-4: Show someone with a blank stare, mouthing the words "Ron Paul" but not audible.
Seconds 5-6: Show a young kid whispering, while wide eyed "Ron Paul"
Seconds 7-8: 2 Women looking inquisitively at each other, asking "Ron Paul?"
Seconds 9-10: A young man pumps his fist and shouts "Ron Paul!"
Seconds 11-12: Show more people shouting "Ron Paul!"
Seconds 13-19: Show ever increasing crowds of people shouting their chant of "Ron Paul" over and over, and holding signs.
Seconds 20-23: Cut to Mars and show green martians shouting "Ron Paul" in a sort of alienish voice.
Seconds 24-30: Continue to run background voices shouting "Ron Paul" while showing "Ron Paul for President" and his picture at the very end.

Most people watching TV want to chuckle, and the alien scene might get them to do so. Plus they will keep hearing the "Ron Paul" shouts over and over in their head, helping his name recognition. They will remember the growing and growing crowds and maybe will think he has a chance to win. The ISSUES in this video are NOT brought forth because people won't listen to a boring ad; they want to be AWED when watching ENTERTAINMENT ON TV. Once we have them, then they can figure out what he stands for.

I don't have video / technical knowledge or skills but if anyone thinks this is a good idea feel free to run with it.