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How can Ron Paul win though? One word - GOTV. This acronym stands for Get Out The Vote. Right now Ron Paul needs a good showing in all February 5th states. He needs a first place finish in a few, a second and third place finish in a few more. Which ones will it be? Who knows? That is up to you.

Most Republicans donít know what Ron Paul stands for. It is my belief that if they did they would consider voting for him over the other candidates. What will propel Ron Paul to victory is to have every person that supports Ron Paul to sign up as a precinct leader on the ronpaul2008.com website. The site will then give you instructions on what to do.

As a political consultant for many years, I used a GOTV strategy that won 88% of the time. While I donít know exactly what the Ron Paul campaign wants their volunteers to do, there is only so much they can ask them to do. Gauging their organization in Iowa, I believe that what I am about to recommend should not go against what the campaign is trying to do, but supplement it.

First you need to register to vote and then sign up as a precinct leader on the RP08 site. Read through what the campaign wants you to do. First and foremost, do what they ask you to do. Second, take my recommendations into consideration and then apply them, too. I always had my candidates go door-to-door and talk with the voters. Ron Paul canít go to every neighborhood in all 20 states, but his volunteers can. Each volunteer needs to develop a plan depending on the size of the precinct they live in or want to work in. If you have a large precinct you may need a person to help you, or you may just target registered Republicans.

You find out who the registered Republicans are by calling the Ron Paul HQ and telling them you want to go door-to-door in your precinct. (Sign up as a leader first). They should have a list for you. Figure out who you are going to talk to. I would purchase some Ron Paul Slim Jims, and maybe a t-shirt to wear. Go door-to-door, keeping track of who was home and who wasnít.

Those that are home, talk to them and ask who they support and why. Most conversations wonít last more than a few minutes. However, the important thing is to identify who all of the Ron Paul supports are, who needs more information and who is not a supporter. Document all of this on the list of names.

Walking a normal precinct may take 4 total hours, since many people wonít be home. Leave a slim jim on their door if they are registered republican or an independent. You can buy different Ron Paul slim jims that talk about different issues. Someone may be only interested in taxes or gun rights. Give them the appropriate Slim Jim and quickly explain Dr. Paulís stand on the issue, which you can get from the Slim Jim. Annotate that issue that makes them motivated to vote. If you find a Ron Paul supporter, see if they would like to help volunteer like you are. Some will and some wonít. MAKE SURE that you stick to the issues the voter wants to talk about. You may be concerned about taxes, but the voter might be concerned about abortion. Stick to the topics the voter wants to discussÖthatís called staying on message. You can lose a voter quicker than quick if you start talking about issues they are not concerned about. Donít argue or debate a person. You have more voters to contact and are wasting your time. Leave them with a Slim Jim and thank them for their time.

I personally used to go back a second time and try and catch all of those people who were undecided and that were not home the first time. You may only get 20% of the people home the first time, so going around again and narrowing who you talk to will shorten your time down and make you more efficient.The entire point is Ron Paul canít get to every neighborhood, but his volunteers can. If a volunteer takes a precinct and "owns" it, he can let those voters know who Ron Paul is. No other campaign has the volunteers to do this. They are depending on name recognition, media coverage, rallies or advertising in most of the states. If the Ron Paul supporters do this, they are building his name recognition, advertising him, and finding out who is a supporter and who is not.

Something that we did before an election is to call all of the supporters of our candidate and ask them if they needed any help in getting to the polls on Election Day. Most will say no, but a few might need a ride. We thanked them, and told them that the candidate appreciated their vote and we look forward to seeing them on Election Day. This served as a way to tell them: 1) that we care, 2) the candidate appreciates their vote, 3) and that we expect to see them on Election Day. On Election Day we would call all of our identified supporters and verify that they voted. We simply asked if they had voted yet. If not, we told them the importance of the election. We also told them that the candidate really needs their vote today, so he can get in office to take care of whatever issue they were concerned about. We then followed up and asked if they needed a ride to the polls. If they did, either I or another person would pick them up. The important thing here is that the voter is contacted. Each republican voter at a minimum should be contacted. They should receive literature about Ron Paul, and identified as a supporter or someone thatís undecided or a non-supporter.

All supporters should be contacted on Election Day to ensure max Ron Paul votes. Those that were undecided can be contacted too by phone to make one last push in convincing them to vote for Ron Paul. You might be able to convince some of the undecidedís to vote for Ron Paul by calling them on Election Day.

If each volunteer does this than Ron Paul can win a lot of states. He can use his money and his time to advertise and go to the most crucial states. No other campaign can mount this type of grassroots effort. Ron Paul is the only one that has the volunteers. He needs the volunteers to do this since he canít depend on name recognition or media coverage. Each of us needs to step up to the plate and do our part. First register to vote as a Republican, then go to the Ron Paul website and sign up as a precinct leader. Read through the leader material on the RP site and then put together your strategy for Ron Paul to win your precinct.


My figures show that if 1 person can spend 1 hour per day in a precinct going door-to-door or making phone calls than Ron Paul can win that precinct. Thatís time going door-to-door 2-3 times to catch as many voters as possible, calling them to make sure they are voting, and then calling again on Election Day. The amount of time spent will vary depending on precinct, but an hour or two each day will help. Even if those in the Feb 5th states did this effectively, Ron Paul can win. Most of us spend more than one hour a day online. Those in states like South Carolina, Florida, Nevada, and Maine will vote before February5th and have less time to get this done. Those in states after February 5th can spend more time trying to ensure that every voter whether, Republican or Independent, knows about Ron Paul. Those later states also have the ability to register new people to vote as well.

Really it is not a lot of sacrifice. How will the voters know who Ron Paul is and what he stands for if you donít tell them? Sign waving and parades build name recognition, but it doesnít answer the voterís questions about the issues. Only grassroots efforts in each precinct can get the results Ron Paul needs. This is the most effective and efficient activity that any supporter can do.

This is how an unknown candidate that the media does not pay attention to can win each and every race. Iowa is a case in point. If volunteers would have done in every precinct what those in Jefferson County did then Ron Paul could have won Iowa or at least placed 2nd or 3rd. He did win one county where his volunteers did get out the vote. All that is being asked of you is an hour each day and a couple of hours on Election Day. Truthfully, it is little sacrifice. By committing an hour each day you will be helping Ron Paul win precinct by precinct.


For all of those go getters out there, spend some time figuring out how to become a national delegate. The Ron Paul website shows what most of the delegate process is in most states. Remember in the end, itís the candidate with 50% +1 of the delegates that becomes the nominee.

Ron Paul canít win without us and this strategy. We have to take the battle to the streets. Our leader that we have chosen has asked us to step up to the plate - will we? If Ron Paul looses every state on February 5th, it is our fault for not spreading the message of freedom to each home. Is the Revolution dead? Can you have a Revolution without sacrifice? The time is NOW. Let all of us who will be free stand up and take our message of freedom and a new tomorrow to each and every home. My next article will cover some analysis of precinct size and how few people we each have to influence.

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I am new on this forum but active in campaign down here in FL since august.
I also have almost 20 yrs of sales & marketing experience. I am precinct captain here in #78 of florida.

If you dont canvass than atleast pick up the phone and start calling your precinct.
Of about 50 or so contacts last night; most are UNDECIDED. (2 ghouls, 1 huck, 1 thompson, 1 paul) most undecided!

I took the nonadvocacy script from HQ and sort of rearranged it. and Winged my pitch!

First Question instead i asked what are the most important issues to you?
then on to HQ question 3 i asked second in order. Opinion on War.

Then I took their issues, who they thought they might vote for, and mentioned Paul's stance on the issues! From that I got about 10 maybe I will Vote for Paul!

When I first get them on phone I just say this is (your name) I am with the (your state) presidential primary researh group. Do you a minute to discuss the upcoming election? (didnt mention survey) wanted to hear their thoughts first and take it from there! It Works!

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Good advice s35wf. and welcome to RPFs.

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Bump. I signed up yesterday and am looking forward to helping out.

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