View Full Version : Zogby Poll - 92% Against Secret Vote Counts

Publius Freeman
01-18-2008, 12:34 AM
From http://www.zogby.com/templates/printnews.cfm?id=1163 :

"Asked whether Americans have the right to view and obtain information about how elections officials count votes, 92% of respondents concurred.

"The 92% support for the public's right to view vote counting and obtain information about it is a very strong political value of transparency and against secret vote counting outside the observation of the public," said Paul Lehto, a lawyer and sponsor of the survey. "To put this figure in context, support for election transparency exceeds the support for tax cuts, exceeds the approval of Pres. Bush immediately after 9-11, and virtually all other political values being measured." Mr. Lehto is counsel in the 50th Congressional District election contest in California."

Please see http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=92147


"...Congressman Ron Paul has been a consistent defender of Constitutional rights. Will he speak out about the blatant violation of South Carolina’s Constitution? Will he take a stand to protect our fundamental right to have our vote counted accurately? After all, without the right to have our vote counted accurately, what does the right to vote mean anyway? Hitler let the Germans vote. Stalin let the Soviets vote. Dictatorships usually do allow their subjects to vote. But of course, the counting is done in secret, and the powers that be always win the secret count"...

Sounds like this issue is too big for a regular SC citizen without standing to file a petition for an emergency injunction hearing (even though relatively quick, 1 day or so process), courts will probably (unfortunately) ignore it according to Mr. Adams...he has an attorney standing by in SC to file TOMORROW, and makes a very good case this would do nothing but boost Ron Paul's Presidential candidacy as a Constitutional Champion...(as well as dealing the sharpest blow against secret electronic vote counting across America)...requires someone that the media would have to cover...perhaps even a major (or up and coming) celebrity...Mr. Adams has already sent a letter to Ron Paul...possible opportunity of a lifetime...(and the tipping point in this campaign)...

This is a campaign, not an intellectual, issue. If I were Ron Paul or his campaign manager (I'm not), I would step up on this one and file Friday (~1 hr. process per Mr. Adams), because the upside is potentially HUGE, and the downside is very limited in this case, IMHO. (Esp. after seeing what is starting to come out of grassroots NH recount). This is a unique, historical opportunity and challenge for principled leadership to do the right thing. The grassroots will support it...but proactive, consistent leadership, I believe, is necessary on this one from the very top. (Having said that, I respect the campaign's decision either way, and will continue to support RP for President as long as he is still in the running, even though it's possible my vote might not be counted).

Mr. Adams encouraging RP supporters to contact SC and National RP HQ with requests...

I believe the time is NOW...