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01-17-2008, 07:29 PM

Illinois Patriots PAC is close to the deadline for securing spots for TELEVISON ADS for Ron Paul in Illinois. This is the LAST CALL to all of the patriots out there to donate for this cause to reach the LARGE republican base and undecideds here in central and downstate Illinois. We MUST have the money to secure the TV ADS TOMORROW before "Spot Runner" (www.spotrunner.com) offices close at 6 pm pacific ( 8pm CST). We have raised appx. $ 2,400.00 in donations from Ron Paul patriots that have secured 1 minute Radio ADS being broad casted throughout central and downstate IL a full week before the primary Feb. 5th. We are currently $1500.00 short of our goal to secure the TV spots and ACTION MUST BE TAKEN NOW. We are doing ALL WE CAN here in Illinois for Ron Paul to win and we need all the help we can get for the BIG media blitz. So please, make your generous donations TODAY! No size too small and everything helps! Lets take the electorate here in Illinois!

paypal accepted!

Visit www.illinoispatriotsPAC.org

or click here... http://illinoispatriotspac.org/?q=node/10

to go directly to the donation page. We have been updating the grand total raised displayed in the scrolling ticker posted on the main page and donation page of the site. In order to secure the spots for TV the minimum we have to raise is $4000.00. Our original goal was $5000, can we reach that??? If so, this means further coverage and more Television ads for Dr. Paul. Thanks to ALL who have already helped out this cause and Thanks to those who will continue the fight!

We will be updating the $$$ amount ticker manually, so it does not go up as you donate, but please be patient as we are standing by to udate it as QUICKLY as possible. Thanks Again!

Zach, IPPAC.

PS. Even if you are not going to donate, will you please keep bumping this for those who have not seen who may donate? Thanks again!

01-18-2008, 03:52 AM