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01-17-2008, 06:58 PM
Hi there, first post.

I’m from UK, where a number of people were surprised to hear about ideas such as the ‘ending of US expansionism’, including bases etc, and the curtailing of ‘overseas aid’ plus the notion of using military budgets elsehow and so on and on. And that any one of these ideas should be seen to come from a reasonable, agreeable and amenable living US politician left me for one momentarily nonplussed or gobsmacked. Few were/are aware that such people remain extant.
As for myself and many others, I’m sure, the first encounter with RP was via web exposure. And this virtually, so to speak, remains the main avenue of access still.
However, it is the actuality of seeing and hearing this remarkable man which does the trick.
Some of the key states in the Fed US election are generally regarded as ‘loaded’ or awash with cash and wealthy folks. Additionally, it is expected that even in your wildest, wettest boondocks enough folks are tech-savvy to a useful degree. Therefore, and maybe even in those states which are not quite so gilt-edged, it is not beyond possibility for you to allow RP to address wide audiences nightly/daily via webcast.
These events might be staged in any suitable wired premises, and equipped with projector and screen where ambitious local hosts might even endeavour to provide a live mic uplink. So that question/answer sessions with local residents may take place, and be then viewed in similar premises elsewhere.
I understand also that the provision of transport for voters on ‘the day’ is a feature of local activism. This transport facility could be extended and brought forward to allow attendees to the Ron Paul webcasts to be bussed in from citywide staging posts via the pre-hired ‘RP webcast Tonight’ buses. And since, according to one folklore – ‘a meeting without eating is cheating’ - free coffee should always be served. And all of that will still not cost a billion squids.

Cheers Al.

01-17-2008, 07:02 PM
That's a great idea from jolly old England.


01-17-2008, 07:05 PM
‘a meeting without eating is cheating’

This is worth reading just to learn that.