View Full Version : **South Carolina Press Release 1/17/08**

01-17-2008, 06:34 PM
This is being sent to media tonight by the blimp and Rand Paul.

SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA January 17, 2008 -- The Ron Paul Blimp and family of Ron Paul will be hosting an "Open Blimp" event Saturday, January 19th at 11am at Sumter Municipal Airport. This unique event will give people an opportunity to see the blimp up close and meet the members of Ron Paul's family. Depending on his schedule Ron Paul may also be making an appearance.

Hundreds of area leaders, supporters and curious spectators are expected to attend as this will be a rare opportunity to view the blimp. Members of Ron Paul's family including his son Rand Paul and two of his grandsons, Duncan and Robert Paul will be hosting the event. The blimp's crew and pilots will be available to answer questions about the blimp and will be providing tours of the cabin. Guests will be offered the opportunity to undergo official "Blimponaut Ground Training" and after their certification can have their photograph taken in the pilot's seat on the blimp. There will also be an information kiosk where you can purchase blimp memorabilia and get information on Ron Paul.

The blimp will be making several media and passenger flights starting at 8:30AM on the 19th. The event is expected to go until 1pm.

Since it's initial launch on December 17, 2007, the blimp has traveled over 3,300 miles covering Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Savannah, Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa. While flying it has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people in addition to being featured on CNN, ABC News, in the NY Times, Boston Herald, Washington Post and countless other publications and local news broadcasts.

To request a ride at the "Open Blimp" on the 19th please email us: inquiries@ronpaulblimp.com We also have several short press flights and one long press flight over Columbia, SC scheduled on January 18th. Please call us at: (412) 531-7388 to request a ride on those flights.