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01-17-2008, 08:30 AM
It's basically a pledge to spend your time (outside :p) working over the people in your precinct with materials and trying to get them to vote.

When you sign up at ronpaul2008.com they will give you the information you need as far as where your precinct is related to your address.

You also can get a list of who voted HOW in your district so you can focus your resources and time on those who may be more favorable to your message.

A precinct can be thousands of people and included democrats, republicans, and independents.

If you're in a super tuesday state you should already be signed up and thinking about how you want to get out the vote. Getting together with your local meetup to make signs, pamphlets, and other campaign materials to take to the voters around you. You have to learn how to go door to door and talk to people. How to bring up the issues they care about and relate that to Dr. Paul.

If you're in a state that votes after super tuesday you still matter. Every delegate matters and winning precincts still matters even if we lose the popular vote. This can't be stressed enough.

It's really very simple, but it will require you to use your time and energy getting people fired up about Dr. Paul. The good news is his message is easy to talk about and you already know why he means such a great deal to you.


Do it now.
Get off the forums.

Burying digg articles, and writing letters is great, but we need to get on the streets. We're fighting the entire system and they won't wait for us.

01-17-2008, 09:47 AM
Great post.