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01-16-2008, 11:41 PM
Hello lovers of liberty,

It is crunch time and we must get potential voters in-depth information about Ron Paul and the message of freedom.

The Ron Paul Revolution will not take flight if the only information people get from Ron Paul supporters are slim jims. These are good for those who have never heard of Ron Paul but many of those we visit while going door-to-door have heard of Paul but just don't know enough about him. The other day a man who happened to be undecided told me he already had the conservative flyer with Reagan on it and asked me to keep it while he took other literature.

We must assume those we are visiting are curious about Ron and his message (how could they not be with all the people on the street and the signs everywhere!). Most I encounter have not given into the lie that Ron Paul is a crackpot and they are definitely curious about his message. We also cannot assume that people are going to do their own homework about Ron. Many will only review the literature we give them before going to the polls.

So what should our strategy be? **Give in depth literature about the most important issues to the houses you canvass.** How about handing potential voters one of Ron Paul's writings on the Constitution or limited government?

If we hand out in-depth literature curious voters can learn about the message of freedom which they might not be able to gather from just the slim jims and the television.

There are other important issues Ron Paul talks about like blowback. People need to be handed in-depth literature on these issues too. Remember that these are the ideas that make us so passionate about Paul and they will make others passionate about Paul too!

There are many in-depth writings by Paul or others about his positions that are only 1-2 pages long that can be read in a few minutes.Here are a couple of articles that I use when canvassing.

#1 - "Ron Paul is Toughest on Terror" by David Gornoski

This is a very well written, convincing 1 1/2 page piece detailing blowback, the war, bankruptcy, and what Ron Paul would do to fight terror and deal with Iran.

Here is an HTML link:


Here is a link to a printable word document from one of our meetups:


#2 - "I Have a Plan" by Ron Paul

This piece was written by Ron Paul in 2004 and does a very good job outlining in a page and a half the message of freedom and our Constitution. The article focuses on the Presidential Election of 2004 and how all the other candidates have a plan to run our country... but we're supposed to be free!


Feel free to print off these or other writings you find about or by Ron that adequately express ideas that every American needs to be informed of and start handing them out to those you canvass.

This is not only about Ron Paul. It is about bringing to the minds of our fellow Americans the ideas of Liberty, Freedom, and Peace that our country was founded on, Ron Paul has stood for, and others have tried so hard to suppress.

"Let common sense and honesty have fair play, and they will soon set things to rights." - Thomas Jefferson