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01-16-2008, 07:24 PM
I was reading the thread on Hillsdale County in MI.


One of the things mentioned by Jeff King the county coordinator up there was leaving slim jims where people normally stand around and need something to read. My thought is placing a few slim jims in Doctor and Dentist waiting rooms. Specifically, Healthcare and maybe some other regionally important issue slim jims.

(I also posted this in the Florida section)

Jeff King
01-18-2008, 01:19 AM
Yeap, I did that too (my kids ortho) and I'm sure a number of our supporters did as well. The key is, always have a 100 or so in your pocket. You'd be amazed at the oppurtunies that pop up.

But things have to be two fold. Get the name recognition out there... we started before he had the national name recognition so we started with signs. Then the name is out there, they see the slim jim and say, who is this guy? Then, hopefully, you have them hooked.

Layed approach is the way to do it. Signs give name recognition, slimjims and personal contact fills in the details. Radio and newspaper helps, in particular if you can do L2E and also a friendly reporter, invite them to your meetup. Go to the area republican meetings, and make reports. County fairs, flea markets, etc.

We did -0- canvassing. No phone calls. Just did what we thought would work, in OUR area. Other areas may be different.

-Jeff King
Hillsdale MI county coordinator