View Full Version : Romney just parroted a ton of Paul's inflation message with WOLF

01-16-2008, 04:56 PM

And if I didn't know any better, I'd say the guy made a but-load of sense... only, its Dr. Paul's positions that make sense and Romney is simply re-wording them into an easy to understand message.


01-16-2008, 04:58 PM

01-16-2008, 04:59 PM
you mean Romney put them through a highly paid Frank Luntz focus group and fine tuned the wording

Taco John
01-16-2008, 05:00 PM
These posts are absolutely worthless when you don't post any context as to what you're talking about. Are we just supposed to guess at what points Mitt hit on?

01-16-2008, 05:05 PM
so they laugh at him when he speaks but then secretly take notes and then adopt his ideas as their own.

these guys are a bunch of scumbags.