View Full Version : Need to be Upfront About Racist Allegation

01-16-2008, 04:32 PM
I believe the "Ron Paul Political Report" letters that include seemingly racist and anti-semetic remarks are ancient history. Ron Paul has made clear by word and deed he is not a racist and has denied writing any of the offensive pieces. Further, he has accepted moral responsibility on a personal level.

Now, I think this smear campaign can work in Dr Paul's favor since it begs the question about his record on race issues. Like any other issue, if you look closely at Rep. Paul's record, you will find a convincing consistancy of correctness and even innovation on racial equity.

This works because, as a God-fearing man, I believe God will mercifully transform the affects of an evil act into a greater good in the affairs of faithful men and women. I've seen this personally all through my adult life.

I would like to encourage Christians to be upfront with other Christians concerning this past scandal. It works against Dr Paul if we win someone over, then later that person finds out you've been hiding an ugly "scandal", his only "scandal". I would propose presenting it in the light of another smear of a principled Christian, the smear of a man who is beholden only to God through this country's Constitution.

I believe this evil scandal will actually bear fruit for this country by causing more people to examine Dr Paul's record on race and then hopefully realizing the inspiring harmony that exists through Dr Paul's constitutional platform.

01-16-2008, 06:08 PM
This is true, because there are much less people being upfront about the fact that they have been debunked and such already several times, most recently by ron paul himself on cnn.