View Full Version : Our New Campaign Strategy

01-16-2008, 03:54 PM
In the past week, I've noticed that we've moved from a media blackout to media censorship of Ron Paul. As for proof of this, I submit the following


The MSM has now actually REMOVED Ron Paul from the polls and are telling people that Giuliani came in 4th place with 3% instead of Ron Paul with 7%. I saw Fox News do this today as well as CNN and now the New York Times. If anyone else has any online links to instances of the MSM lying and censoring RP, please post it here.

What little coverage I do hear of RP all seems to be negative, whether it be a small radio show or a large MSM network tv show, it's all about how RP is a crazy kook whos anti-American and loves the terrorist because he wants to get us out of an unconstitutional war that we can't afford that is going to further damage our fight against terrorism.

As retaliation for this, we are now going to start referring to RP's opponents and detractors as ANTICONSTITUTIONALISTS. Lets take a page out of the MSM's book and spread this as far and wide as we can, all over the internet, in any local news interviews during the primaries that you can get on, call into radio shows, make it the new buzzword of 2008, like flip flopper was back in 2004.

1. Refer to our opponents as anti-constitutionalists or constitution haters.

2. During arguments start using phrases like "What is it about our constitution that you don't like?" and "Why do you hate our laws so much" When they answer that they don't hate it answer with "Yes you do otherwise you'd follow it"

We need to focus on the disregard that the other candidates have for our constitution and our laws and spin that as hatred for "Our Way Of Life" The reason why we are in the position we're in now is because they did this to us, this is how the neocons became the leaders of the Republican Party. We need to do this back to them because the constitution is our way of life and they hate having to follow it.

If they wanna play dirty politics by censoring our candidate, its time for us to play dirty politics back, but keep in mind, theres a difference between dirty politics and immoral politics, so lets keep it moral.