View Full Version : Southern States - SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS

01-16-2008, 01:13 PM
To those of you in Southern States - Do not forget that there are a ton of men and women who are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans,United Daughters of the Confederacy,Military Order of Stars and Bars,League of the South, etc.... Do not forget them! These folks are very receptive to the message of Ron Paul and if you find one that is in favor of a big gov't candidate than be sure to ask them why they think Lincoln was wrong if they are willing to accept Lincoln's policies today. This will open some eyes! If you add those groups together than there are probably a couple hundred thousand members and associates throughout the south and they could be a real boost to us. You can go to www.scv.org to find the group nearest you. Talk to their Camp Commanders and see if you can speak at their next meeting or if they can give you an idea as to who you can contact.