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01-16-2008, 01:22 AM
Doing Door-to-door with my walklist (actually my "4-wheel-drive-list" cause in winter with the snow drifting on the long farm driveways...) -- anyway ONE of the things that has bugged me (nagged? guilt-tripped? bothered?) is all of the houses I am driving or walking right past because they are NOT in the database.

Sure these people are not "likely voters" -- but they are not illegal immigrants either -- and in MY state, with an OPEN primary and same-day voter registration, virtually EVERYONE, including all of the "apathetic non-voters" actually IS a potential RP supporter (i.e. most of them probably HATE politicians, etc).

But what we need is a DIRT-CHEAP way to reach them, to "whack them upside the head" and "jolt" them out of their apathy if we can -- yet WITHOUT spending too much time on them. I can't spend an an hour or even 5 minutes at each of them trying to argue them out of their apathy... but I *CAN* stop and slip a single sheet of paper into their stormdoor -- especially if it were something I could print or copy locally for may 2 or 3 cents each.

I've given a LOT of thought to this issue, and I think I finally have just such a solution -- CHEAP B/W locally reproduced flyers/ads ...so, last night I finished work on a New Website based on a new "Man of Common Sense" theme (which works with '76 Revolution and Constitution concepts AS WELL as in just plain English w/o the historical reference) -- The idea being to generate grassroots tool (Free PDF downloads) that... well, see links and stuff below, it's pretty self-explanatory.

http://www.manofcommonsense.com/CommonSense/images/CS_Banner_400-70.png (http://www.manofcommonsense.com/)

http://www.manofcommonsense.com/CommonSense/images/ManOfCS_ALL_R10_P1_170wDS.png The first -- "Did You STOP Voting?" -- is aimed at the classic "apathetic voter" (the houses you are otherwise going right past when you do standard voter-list canvassing). This ad is SPECIFICALLY designed to use a style of advertising that has been VERY successful over the years.

http://www.manofcommonsense.com/CommonSense/images/ManOfCS_ALL_R10_P2_170wDS.png The second -- "Common Sense -- Accountability" -- is a more "general voter" piece. This ad is uses a similar style of advertising to the first. The SOLID BLACK with the statements at the top is the "stunner" and sets the reader up with the fact that Common Sense = Accountability (and plays to the current environment, whether the voter is a Democrat OR a Republican does NOT matter).

Goal of both flyers is to subtly IMPLANT into people's heads VIRTUALLY ALL that "superficial voters" need to know to make them WANT to vote for Ron Paul, THE candidate of COMMON SENSE.

Versions are available with SPECIFIC Primary dates for the upcoming primaries (NV & SC through end of February) -- with a separate "NO DATE" version for use elsewhere.

Note that this is hosted on the same server as my InfiniteRonPaul service... which many of you are already familiar with.
http://www.infiniteronpaul.com/IRP.png (http://www.infiniteronpaul.com/)

12-17-2009, 03:53 AM
I really liked your site. Only now just found it. I was printing similar, albeit, not as nice of prints back around that time.