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01-16-2008, 12:43 AM
Hey folks,

Sometimes my GF amazes me!

She was searching e-Bay and came across a cheap way to get
Ron Paul advertising!
Seems someone had created a rubber stamp with "VOTE for RON PAUL"
and started stamping..................


Can't post a pic, but here's the listing........Item number: 270202591041

Bright red, and big enough to catch anyones attention.

Best of all, EVERYONE handles money!

Just think, order up a gross of custom rubber stamps, a pad of ink, and start advertising!

Don't write checks, pitch the plastic, and use STAMPED cash for all your transactions.

The message possibilities are almost endless!


Instead of blimp sightings, we'll be hearing about "note sightings."

How far and how fast will they travel?

Legal? Who cares! If ya get popped, that's just FREE MEDIA!

Probably the best use of otherwise scrap paper!:D


01-16-2008, 04:14 AM
Well, did some digging.......

Hard to believe you can legally mark US currency for purposes
of accounting (racetracks, movie theaters, casinos, etc.)

Even stamp it with "GODOFFMONEY" or "WHERE'SGEORGE?"
(You can encourage it, even promote it, just can't sell the rubber stamp)

You can even use it as emergency scratch paper. (misdameanor)

But, under Treasury/Mint codes, you are specifically prohibited from advertising on it. Crap!

(didn't say anything 'bout "campaigning")