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07-25-2007, 11:14 PM
A script with many potential uses

Requires 2 short recordings done by your meetup group (or any group of RP supporters) speaking in unison.

I first made it thinking of answering machines in Iowa, but it could be adapted to many kinds of scripts. It could be adapted to a letter with many RP Supporter signatures or recorded as a spot for radio. It could be the script for a video too.

"Hi Sally, I'm joebob from the Ron Paul meetup in anytown U.S.A. I'm here in anytown with some of my fellow volunteers. They want to say hello."

Recording of an entire meetup in unison:

"The reason we're calling is that not enough people know about Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. It's so important to us that he be our Next President we're calling everyone in Iowa that we can."

Group Meetup recording:
"Vote for Ron Paul"

We support Ron Paul because his constitutional voting record is IMPECCABLE. He's recently introduced powerful legislation in Congress to end the war in Iraq.

We've looked into all the candidates -- on both sides -- and Ron Paul is the only one we trust -- because his record in Washington shows he'll do what he says he will.

Please consider Ron Paul for the the Straw Poll in Ames August 11th, and the coming primaries. We can't change the direction of our government if we don't have an alternative to 'more of the same' in the general election in 2008.

If used for a phone call, the caller could just hang up for an answering machine. With a live caller, can come on and say:

"What are the most important issues to you, Sally?"

If used for a video, I would include footage or stills of rallys, or meetups, or the NYC Google Ron Paul rooftop to seal the deal.

Any good? Ideas on improvement?

I would record this script for phone calls but I have a bad voice for radio.

Anybody want to post some mp3 recordings to work with or produce some spots? Would adapt well to radio in Iowa, and we could probably get cheap or free internet radio ads if we get some completed .mp3's.