View Full Version : Rendering for DVD Authoring

01-15-2008, 09:51 PM
In the past I've tried authoring some of my other videos onto DVD and no matter what software I tried and how I tried to do it it chopped off the 'safe area' edges, which for those videos was a critical issue as they were text driven and the text had all the edges trimmed.

I decided it must have been an issue with how I rendered it, aside from catering all of the entire timeline events to fit into the safe areas. Well when you have a video project that has literally hundreds upon hundreds of events the notion of adjusting each into the safe areas is absurd.

SO now I'm on the verge of releaes a major Ron Paul FILM, and when I do over the next day or 2 I'd like to be able to put it straight onto DVD. It's a beefy project and I/we don't have time to render it mulitple times trial and error.

I edit with SonY Vegas, and have the DVD Architect package, but Architect was one of the programs I had major problems with.

Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated certainly by me and probably many others.