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01-15-2008, 09:17 PM
Two Ron Paul friendly Organizations to support

The John Birch Society

Downsize DC

About The John Birch Society

Ever since its founding in 1958 by Robert Welch, The John Birch Society has been dedicated to restoring and preserving freedom under the United States Constitution.

Members come from all walks of life and are active throughout the 50 states on local, regional and national levels.

United by a strong belief in personal freedom and limited government, plus a sense of duty, members of The John Birch Society have educated millions of Americans on the appropriate role of government. Using educational and concerted action tools of a wide variety including local lobbying, distribution of literature, email campaigns, news conferences, petitions, and more members have played a continuous, pivotal role in halting legislation and federal policies that threaten the independence of our country and our people.

For almost 50 years, the Society has educated and informed its members and others, who have worked together to bring about major changes in national policy. Activity at the national level is guided by the organization's home office in Appleton, Wisconsin.

A national network of local chapters initiates communications projects and implements the programs outlined in the monthly JBS Bulletin, the member newsletter. Activity at the local and regional levels is guided by professional Field Coordinators who provide the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

Explore our website, learn more about The John Birch Society, consider joining, and then work with us to help fulfill our founder's vision of:
Less Government, More Responsibility, and
With God's Help a Better World.

Downsize DC

Our Mission

We believe the federal government has grown too large, too intrusive, and too expensive. We believe in constitutional limits, small government, civil liberties, federalism, and low taxes.

We want to end laws and programs that don't work, cause harm, and violate the Constitution. We want to restore the full force of the 9th and 10th amendments, which reserve most social functions to the people and the states.

Our goal is to reduce the federal government to a tiny fraction of its current size, decentralize power, end deficits, federal borrowing, and monetary inflation, and eliminate most federal taxation and the IRS.

We intend to achieve these ambitious goals by petitioning Congress and the President to vote against or veto bad laws and programs, and to repeal old bad laws and programs.

We intend to make this petitioning effective by recruiting every American who believes in small, Constitutional government, decentralized power, civil liberties, and low taxes.

Our goal is to have millions of Americans emailing, writing, and calling their elected representatives to oppose bad laws, and to support laws that shrink the size, scope, intrusiveness, and cost of the federal government.

We will recruit these millions of Americans through the Internet, advertising, media interviews, and direct mail.

We will mobilize, direct, and express the will of the people to force the government to respond, through the sheer weight of our numbers.
The success of our mission depends on you. We need you to . . .

* Participate in our petitioning campaigns

* Help us recruit more supporters by spreading word of our petitions to everyone you know

* Contribute money so we can advertise our efforts, and thereby recruit as many supporters as fast as possible

Our approach is simple and direct.

* You will be notified by email of new laws that should be either supported or opposed.

* Our website will enable you to simply and quickly send a message to your elected representatives.

* We will then give you a second email message to forward to people you know, asking them to email their representatives. This will cause our petitioning effort to grow.

* We will use your financial contributions to recruit still more people through advertising, direct mail, and media interviews. Every new person we recruit will increase the power of your voice by increasing the pressure on our elected representatives to Downsize DC.

* You will receive regular reports of our progress. We expect this progress to be steady and unstoppable.

If it were possible to create a huge army of people to pressure the politicians to Downsize DC, would you want that?

If it were possible to restore small, constitutionally limited government, decentralized power, fiscal responsibility, and low taxes, would you want that?

If it were possible that our approach was the right way to achieve these goals, would you want to contribute some of your time and money to that end?

01-15-2008, 09:43 PM
Yea the JBS has a long history of defending rights and educating people. They've had some issues arise with their leadership in the past, but I believe they're back on track now. I do like their magazine The New American.